7 Best Fish Foods in India 2023

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Fish are a beautiful pet to have because they have low maintenance. But choosing the best fish food online is a tricky task because there are so many varieties available in the market.

While it’s true that fish do not need a lot of care, it is important to choose the right food for them. Fish will eat anything that is put in front of them, which means that you have to be careful about what you feed your fish because what they eat can affect their health and how they look. In this article, we’ll go over some tips on finding the right fish food to nourish your pets and give them long, healthy lives. You’ll also find a list of our top 7 best fish foods and why we like them so much!

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Types of fish food

There are many types of food for fish, but they can be categorized into two main types: dried and frozen.

Dried Fish Food: Dried fish food is usually preferred by people who like to feed their fish on a regular basis. This type of food is considered more convenient because it does not require any preparation or cooking before feeding it to your pets. It can be found in different sizes, shapes, flavors, and colors that are perfect for any kind of tank size or type.

Freeze Dried Food: Freeze-dried foods are usually preferred by people who like to feed their fish on a sporadic basis because it doesn’t spoil easily and lasts.

List of 7 Best Fish Food in India 2022

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Optimum Fish Food

Optimum Fish Food is specially formulated to provide complete nutrition for all aquarium fish species such as goldfish, fancy carp, swordtails, platies, mollies, angelfish, and bettas.

This fish food contains astaxanthin which enhances the brilliant natural color of aquarium fish. It also contains vitamin c and vitamin e which help reduce stress and increase immunity. Optimum Fish Food is non-water fouling so it won’t cloud up your tank as other foods do!

best fish food

best fish foodBoltz Freeze Dried Blood Worms Fish Food

Boltz Freeze-Dried Blood Worms Fish Food is a natural product that outstandingly increases fish’s appetite and keeps them healthy. It helps probiotic growth and enhances fish immunity as well. Boltz freeze dried blood worms are used as a treat for aquarium fishes at home – it is the best healthy treat for fishes.

Boltz, all products are Made In India with premium manufacturing quality so they can be trusted completely by their customers.

best fish food online

best fish foodProtyn Whole Dried Fish Food

Protyn Whole Dried Fish food is made up of 100% organic whole dried fish. It contains 23-61x more calcium than other feeder insects making it perfect for promoting healthier bones as well as omega 6 and 9 which promote better heart health.

Protyn also contains lauric acid which is a proven antimicrobial substance providing boosted immunity to your fish while being low in overall fat content due to its high protein content.

best fish food online india

best fish foodPro-Meal Live Larvae Mealworms

If you are looking for a nutritious pet food option, then our Live Larvae Mealworms might be perfect for your pets! Mealworms have over 50% protein which is one of the highest among feeder insects – making them an ideal fish and pet food.

Our mealworms also help in boosting the immunity of pets, increase agility while all in a naturally tasty treat form. Mealworms have more Vitamin B12 than eggs – A good healthy pet food for your fishes and exotic pets!

best fish food online 1

best fish foodBoltz Fish Food for Growth & Health

Boltz Freeze Dried Blood Worms Fish Food is specially designed for all types of aquarium fish including goldfish, fancy carp, swordtails, platies, mollies, and angelfish. It contains the optimal blend of minerals and vitamins that help strengthen your pet’s immune system while also improving metabolism.

This food is made with natural ingredients which prevent cloudy water in your tank as well as are easily digestible so it can resolve digestion issues among other benefits.

best fish food

best fish foodTaiyo Special Fish Food

Taiyo Special Fish Food is perfect for those who want their fish to grow healthy and strong. It provides luster to your fish, increases appetite, promotes healthy growth while enhancing the natural color of fish.

Taiyo Special Fish Food does not contaminate water; it also contains 32% crude protein minimum and 4% crude fat max which makes it more nutritious than other fish food brands on the market! With 1kg weight per package, you’ll have enough food for quite some time too!

Taiyo Special Fish Food

best fish foodHallofeed Freeze Dried Blood Worms Fish Food

If you are looking for high-quality fish food that is complete and balanced, then Hallofeed Freeze Dried Blood Worms Fish Food is what you need.

This product contains natural ingredients which outstandingly increase appetite while also enhancing probiotic growth and immunity. It helps enhance the body shape as well by increasing muscle mass.

Dried Blood Worms Fish Food

best fish foodBest time to feed fish

Different fish need to be fed at different times. In general, give them food in smaller amounts and multiple times a day rather than one big meal once a day. Never overfeed your fish; they will produce more waste, which can kill them. Some people feed their fish once a day because they do not want to deal with cleaning up extra mess, but it is important to note that overfeeding can be deadly as well.

It is best to only feed your fish enough food that they finish it within 20 minutes of being offered food again. This will also encourage them to hunt for their own food in between meals, which is healthy for them.

Factors to consider when choosing the best food for your fish

Before you go out and purchase a specific brand of fish food, it is important to know what factors you should consider when choosing which type of food to feed your fish. There are many brands and flavors of fish food on the market today but not all are made equally. While some may appear cheap or cost less, they might actually be packed with unhealthy ingredients and additives that can hurt your pet fish rather than help them. The following steps will help you choose quality foods for your pets so that they will stay healthy for years to come:

Step 1: Start by looking at the price first. You want to make sure that you select a product that is within your budget because most high-quality foods will cost more per pound than other products which contain added fillers and inferior ingredients. But always keep in mind that you get what you pay for in terms of selecting a superior product.

Step 2: Consider how long your fish has been alive. The longer your fish has been alive, the greater their nutritional needs become. So if you’ve had your pet fish living under your care for quite a while then it’s time to switch to something different than basic flakes or pellets; add some brine shrimp and other tiny worms into their diet.

Fish often need specialized nutrition based on age or size so it’s best to do research before purchasing anything else besides flakes and pellets. And just like humans, feeding your fish too much protein can cause health problems down the road.

Step 3: Read ingredient labels carefully. Some companies will try to trick you by hiding words such as meal bioflavonoids and taurine (which is an amino acid found naturally in meat and other animal sources) under pseudonyms such as dried salmon derivatives. Look carefully at every word listed in order to understand exactly what it means and whether or not it contains ingredients that are harmful to fish. 


Choosing fish food is difficult, particularly if you’re a beginner. To find which food your fish will like best, you should feed them small amounts of different foods and observe their behavior. If they seem to prefer one, it’s likely that they’ll keep eating that type of food until they can’t get any more. Each person has his or her own preferences, so always choose what works for you and your fish. After all, it’s not just about them—it’s also about you!

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