1. Puffer Fish

For centuries, Japanese fugu chefs have prepared and served puffer fish (also known as blowfish) sashimi. Many of these skilled chefs are specially..

2. Lions

With a set of razor-sharp teeth and claws, strong jaws, and impressive agility for their size, lions are truly a force to be reckoned with. You don’t have to travel too...

3. Humpback Whale

Though they are not aggressive, humpback whales are large and can become quite dangerous if they feel threatened. They can weigh more than 100 tons..

4. Black Mamba Snake

Africa’s black mamba is a big, aggressive serpent that has a neurotoxic venom. Its bite causes paralysis and possible death...

5.  Saltwater Crocodile

Found in shallow tide pools and coral reefs in South-East Asia, they’re tiny but extremely dangerous animal. Their venom contains ...

6. Cape Buffalo

When looking for super dangerous animals in Africa, look no further than its most famous snake, black mamba. These are known to be very aggressive and will attack humans

Remening 6 dangerous animals in the world are..