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9 best cat foods in india (February 2023)

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You adore your cat and want to keep it with you for as long as possible. By choosing the best cat food for your loving cat you may avoid the risk of life-threatening diseases like obesity, and cancer, and make your cat feel happy and active.

The great thing is that there are lots of cat food brands around the world that claim to fulfill all the needs of cats. unfortunately, the terrible thing is that there are plenty to choose from which makes you feel overwhelmed. Don’t be concerned, we have picked the 9 best cat foods which going to make it easy for you to choose the best.

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1. Whiskas Kitten  Dry Cat Food

Whiskas Kitten dry cat food is a famous cat food brand whose country of origin is Thailand. It contains high-quality ingredients, vitamins, and minerals which is 100% complete and balanced cat provides all necessary nutrition for making your loving pets live healthy and happy, it builds lean muscle and bones as it contains a good amount of protein.
Also boost the immune system of your kitten, with the taste of delicious cat food and no artificial chemicals and is a pack of 1.1 kilograms, small as well as large size similar packs are available.

Whiskas Kitten Dry Cat Food

  The good thing about it
•  There is no use of artificial preservatives and chemicals
•  provides your cat shiny coat and healthy eyesight.
•  By providing energy keeps your cat active.
•  It has a Delicious taste of ocean fish.
•  With 41 nutrition keeps your cat’s immune system healthy.

  The bad thing about it
As it is dry food, so keep a separate water bowl with it.
cat food
2. Purepet Ocean Fish Adult Cat Food

Purepet adult cat food is formulated with all essential  Vitamins, Minerals, and other nutrients for the overall wellness of your cat. It contains a Taurine amino acid which is necessary to keep a healthy heart and eyesight.

Prebiotics and Probiotics keep the immunity strong, improve the digestive system, and prevent hairball formation. with the essential ingredients and blend of organic minerals help to control urinary pH. pets love it because of the taste and flavor of mackerel. The packets are available in both sizes large and small.

9 best cat foods india 2021
  The good thing about it
•  It protects your cat from hairball formation.
•  keep a healthy heart and eyesight.
•  maintain urinary PH with organic minerals.
  tasty and delicious.
•  pack comes with a feeding guide and is also budget-friendly.

The bad thing about it
•  Not found any issue yet.

cat food

3.  ME-O Cat food

Me-o cat food is one of the popular cat food brands in India and, is also tasty cat food because of its seafood flavor. It contains protein from milk and ocean fish which helps to promote your cat’s growth. The presence of calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus helps strengthen the cat’s teeth and bones, the combination of omega 3 and omega 6 with Zinc will help nourish the cat’s hair and skin. The risks of kidney, high blood pressure, and heart disease in cats decrease due to the presence of low-sodium formula.
ME-O Cat food
The good thing about it
It is a healthy and tasty snake for your cat.
presence of vitamin c decreases the detrimental effects of stress.
  It helps to boosts the cat’s immune system.
provides healthy shiny skin and coat.
It improves your cat’s eyesight.

  The bad thing about it
  Don’t serve it to your cat as a complete meal.

cat food

4Drools Cat food

Drools cat food provides your cat with complete nutrition. It keeps your cat’s heart-healthy as it contains taurine. . It also improves a beautiful coat and healthy skin. It boosts the energy levels of cats and keeps your cat active. It ensures healthy skin with the help of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The presence of probiotics keeps your cat’s digestive system healthy while prebiotics protects your cat from hairball formation. Its main ingredients are folic acid, niacin, probiotics, and organic minerals,  Gluten meal, Whole grain cereals, Soya refined oil, and others too.

Drools Cat food

  The good thing about it
It provides a good vision to your cat.
  It keeps your cat’s urinary PH in control.
  protects from hairball formation.
  No preservatives or artificial flavors.
  It provides essential nutrition to your cat.

  The bad thing about it

It may lead to digestion problems for some cats.

cat food

5. Bellotta Wet Food for Cats and Kittens

Bellotti cat Food supplies all the essential nutrition required for the healthy life of your cat. It improves the eyesight of your cat as it contains vitamins. the food comes in the form of crunchy kibble which is designed for the oral health of your cat.

The presence of Tuna and salmon as the primary ingredient so, it enhancing the taste of the food. strengthening the immunity of the body as it works as an antioxidant. with a specially formulated diet, your cat is protected from urinary tract has taurine which keeps your cat’s heart healthy.

Bellotta Wet Food for Cats and Kittens
The good thing about it
It helps your cat to attain an optimum level of health.
 strengthen the immunity of your cat.
•  It helps in improving the eyesight of your cat.
 It keeps protected from heart-related problems.
•  crunchy kibbles are designed to prevent the teeth from gums.

The bad thing about it

Not suitable for some breeds.
cat food
6. Royal Canin cat food 

Royal Canin cat food is specially designed for Persian cats and its country of origin is France, nutrients needs of this breed are comparatively different from other breeds as Persian cats need more protein so that they care about skin health and others too.

As Persian cats have long hair so the formation of a hairball is become more likely, which causes discomfort to your cat, but thanks to Royal Canin which protects your cat from hairball formation. The presence of fatty acids promotes silky fur, healthy and shiny skin.
Royal Canin cat food

  The good thing about it
•   specially designed for Persian cats.
 It makes your cats healthy and shiny skin along with silky fur.
  It cares about your cat’s digestive wellness.
 protect from hairball formation.

  The bad thing about it
  slightly expensive compared to other brands.

cat food

7. Meat Up Cat Food

Meat-up cat food is formulated for all kinds of breeds. It comes in two packs and is available in three sizes that are- 1.2kg,3kg, and 7kg. The food comes in the form of crunchy kibble which makes it easy to store in air-tight containers. It has a good amount of protein that will fulfill the protein needs of your cat.
The high-quality ingredients are used- Mackerel, eggs soya refined oil, taurine, vitamins, wheat flour, and sardines which provide tempting flavor and make your cat’s food tasty as well as contain organic minerals ( zinc, selenium, copper, manganese), Prebiotics&Probiotics

Meat Up Cat Food
 The good thing about it
•  presence of organic minerals, along with essential nutrition, helps to control urinary PH
   As it has a taurin so it will maintain the healthy heart of your cat.
 It boosts your cat’s digestive health.
 provides your cat beautiful coat.
 protect from hairball formation.

The bad thing about it

some cats do not like its scent.
cat food
8. Let’s Bite Cat Food

Let’s bite cat food is formulated with high-quality antioxidants, protein, and essential nutrients that make kittens healthy. It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for retinal and brain function. its primary ingredients are mackerel and eggs which work as a source of protein, essential fatty acids, and other important.

Aa it has taurine, which promotes a healthy heart, skin, and beautiful coat. this kitten food also maintains a healthy digestive system. This food is specially designed for the kitten aged between 1-12 months.
Let’s Bite Cat Food
The good thing about it
•  Recommend for all cat breeds.
   improves the eyesight of your kitten.
  this food has no awful smell.
 prevents hairball formation due to the presence of prebiotics.
 reasonable price with quality.

The bad thing about it

•  may not suitable for Persian cats.
cat food
9. Maxi Persian Adult Cat Food

Maxi Persian adult cat food is a balanced and complete food for your cat formulated with essential ingredients to fulfilling all their nutritional needs. It contains essential amino acids which promote eye vision and maintain a healthy heart.

This wholesome food is made of a combination of vitamins and ocean fish which keeps the lustrous and beautiful coat of your loving cat.
The main ingredients are Corn Gluten Meal, Whole Grain Cereals, Sardine, Mackerel, Egg, Wheat Flour, Taurine, vitamins, and organic minerals (Iron, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Manganese).
Maxi Persian Adult Cat Food
 The good thing about it
  Probiotics improve the digestive system of your cat.
  Prebiotic prevents the formation of the hairball.
  essential ingredients along with organic minerals help to control urinary PH.
  cats love food to taste.

The bad thing about it

•  Granules are in small size.

cat food

How To Choose Best Cat Food?

Whenever you buy or adopt a new pet then the first problem you face is figuring out what kind of food should you buy for your pet. I will give you some tips which will help you in choosing the food for your pet so let’s get started.

1. Always read name and label

Before choosing and purchasing food, you should always check the name and label, check its name, manufacturing, and expiration date, which company made this and where is it made.

2. Age of your cat

Before choosing the food, you should know the age of your pet. If it’s in the kitten stage, then buy kitten food and if it is in the adult stage then buy adult food, if your pet is 6to 9 months old, then you can use kitten food after which you can switch to adult food

3. Dry or Wet food

The difference between these two is that basically in dry, the water quantity is less and in wet food, the water quantity is more. Dry food is more nutritious as compared to wet food. so it’s better if you use dry food daily and wet food twice a week.

4. Source

Basically the feline or the cat family like animal-sourced protein better like chicken, fish, turkey, etc. so it would be better if you get the chicken flavor or animal sourced-protein for your cat.

5. Grain

You should check the label to know which kind of food it is meaning, what amount of grain does it have, if the grain quantity is high, then you should avoid it. you should buy food that provides complete nutrition, if the grain proportion will be less, then that will be better and if the protein level will be high, then that will be better as well.

6. Ingredients

For ingredients, you should consult your vet. your animal’s health, its status, its age, if it’s pregnant which health issues it is facing, and if it is a stud or not, all should be taken into account for choosing ingredients for your pet.

7. Flavor

The flavor should be chosen according to your pet’s liking. if you brought your pet from somewhere, ask them for its history on which type of food it liked and which flavor and buy that food.

8. Health

Basically, for health issues like urinary tract infection or kidney infection, food is available in the market that is made for kidney failure problems, liver problems, and hair and skin problems as well. In the field of health situation, use only the kind of food that your vet may happen that you give your pet a portion of food that you should not have and because of that your pet may get a disease, or other health problems and the immunity may get compromised as well.

I hope you understood these small points and you can now easily choose a food for your kitten or cat

Please, always give your pet food from a good brand that has good nutrition. By doing this your pet will not only stay healthy, but its immunity will be better as well.


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