Tibetan Mastiff Price In India (Jan 2024)

The Tibetan Mastiff was originally bred as a working dog, used to herd and protect livestock from predators, and it still retains many of those traits today. However, its loyal personality and gentle demeanor make it an ideal companion as well. Here’s everything you need to know about the tibetan mastiff, including appearance, temperament, habits, health and Tibetan Mastiff dog price in india.

Tibetan Mastiff puppy price In India

If you love furry dogs, most breeds you can have will be shorter in size. On the other hand, larger and more muscular dogs have shorter coats. If you love a coat full of fur without compromising your pet’s size, you are looking for a Tibetan Mastiff! These giants are large balls of fur that feel nothing less than massive teddy bears! The sturdy dogs are equally lovable and extremely loyal to their pet parents. Bringing a Tibetan Mastiff home will give you a constant companion and a new family member.

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Tibetan Mastiff Price In India

The price of a Tibetan Mastiff in India can vary widely depending on several factors, including the dog’s age, pedigree, quality, and where you purchase it. Generally, Tibetan Mastiff price in india can range between Rs 40,000 to Rs 250,000.

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Various Factors That Affect The Tibetan Mastiff Price

1. Breeder Reputation

Well-known and reputable breeders who have a history of producing healthy, high-quality Tibetan Mastiffs may charge more for their puppies due to their expertise and reputation.

2. Location

The Tibetan mastiff puppy price in india can also vary by location within India. In metropolitan areas and regions with a higher cost of living, prices may be higher due to increased overhead costs for breeders.

3. Pedigree

Tibetan Mastiffs with strong pedigrees and bloodlines, which can be traced back to renowned and champion ancestors, tend to command higher prices. These dogs often come from breeders who have invested in maintaining the purity and quality of the breed.

4. Age

Puppies are typically more expensive than adult dogs. The price can vary based on the age of the dog, with younger puppies often being pricier because they have more years of potential companionship.

5. Health testing

A reputable breeder will conduct health tests on their breeding dogs to ensure they are free from genetic diseases common to the breed. Dogs with good health records and certifications from veterinarians can have higher price tags.

6.Quality and Conformation

Dogs that conform to the breed standards set by kennel clubs and breed organizations are considered of higher quality and can be more expensive. This includes factors such as coat color, size, and physical characteristics.

An Introduction To Tibetan Mastiffs

Hailing from Tibet, these are large dogs belonging to the Mastiff group. They are known for their thick double coats that can be medium to long. Back in the day, these dogs were used in the Himalayan terrain for guarding purposes. Over time, Tibetan Mastiffs have evolved into domestic pets, receiving love from people across the globe.

While a Tibetan Mastiff may look intimidating due to its size, it has a heart of gold. Once your pet gets familiar to you and your loved ones, it will give you all the love in the world. As you get to know your Tibetan Mastiff, you will realize how goofy and playful it can be. These furry giants are not afraid of extending a warm embrace to their loved ones.

Tibetan Mastiffs may have different coat sizes depending on the weather conditions. The thick fur on their coats helps them survive in extreme cold conditions. You can get a Tibetan Mastiff in a variety of different coat colors, including black, bluish-gray, black and tan, and different shades of red. You can also see white markings around many of these dogs’ legs, chests, and necks.

History Of Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff, often referred to as the “Do-Khyi” in Tibetan, is an ancient and storied breed with a history that dates back thousands of years. Originating from the Himalayan region, including Tibet, Nepal, and parts of India, these dogs were originally bred to guard livestock and monasteries in the harsh and rugged mountain terrain.

Known for their protective instincts and imposing presence, Tibetan Mastiffs played a crucial role in protecting their human companions and their valuable herds from predators like wolves and snow leopards. Over time, they became prized not only for their guarding abilities but also for their majestic appearance, loyalty, and companionship. Today, Tibetan Mastiffs are cherished as family pets and continue to exemplify their ancient heritage as devoted protectors.

Tibetan Mastiff puppy purchase In India
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Tibetan Mastiff female puppy price In India

Tibetan Mastiff Temperament and Behaviour

The behavior of a Tibetan mastiff can depend on many factors, such as its socialization, age, and how it was raised. But these dogs are generally very playful and affectionate. This may be due to their strong desire for attention and love. They are also highly intelligent and learn new tasks quickly.

The breed is very receptive to training because they want to please their owners, but some may find that they need more attention than other breeds as they get bored easily.Tibetan mastiffs also have a natural instinct for tracking and hunting so it’s important that you keep them on a leash at all times in order to avoid any potential accidents.

Appearance of Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiffs are large, powerful, and imposing dogs with a striking appearance. They have a well-muscled, sturdy build and a dense double coat that provides insulation against extreme cold. Their heads are broad, and they have a distinct mane of fur around their neck, which gives them a lion-like appearance. Their expressive eyes are deep-set and often have a slightly wrinkled brow. The breed comes in various coat colors, including black, golden, brown, and blue-gray. They have a bushy tail that curls over their back and a thick, plush tail. Tibetan Mastiffs have a dignified and aloof demeanor, which adds to their regal presence.

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