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If you are considering adding a Rajapalayam dog to your family, then you have come to the right place! Rajapalayam dogs, also known as the Indian Ghost Hound, are a loyal and hardworking breed that has been around for centuries.

This unique breed has a long and storied history and comes with many unique characteristics. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Rajapalayam dog, from its origins to its temperament and also the Rajapalayam dog price in India.


Rajapalayam Dog Price In India

The Rajapalayam Dog price in India can ranges between Rs 9,000 to Rs 18,000. Rajapalayam Dog price in India depends on many things. It is not that the Rajapalayam Dog price will same across India. It depends on several factors that are mentioned below.

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Rajapalayam dog Prices in Different Locations

Rajapalayam dog puppy price in India can range between Rs 9,000 to Rs 20,000.

An Introduction To Rajapalayam

Rajapalayam Dog History

The Rajapalayam Dog is an Indian Sighthound that originated in the town of Rajapalayam in Tamil Nadu. They are also known as Poligar Hounds due to their popularity with the Poligar rulers of Southern India during the 19th century. It is a dog with a history steeped in tradition and pride, as they were historically bred by royalty to protect their lands and homes.

The Rajapalayam is a rare and ancient breed of hound that has been around for hundreds of years. They were originally bred for hunting wild boar, but later became popular among royals for protecting their estates.

In more recent times, they became popular with the maharajas of Southern India and were used by royalty as guard dogs. Today, they are still highly valued as loyal companions and guard dogs.

Though not recognized by the major kennel clubs, the breed is gaining popularity in India and abroad. The Rajapalayam Dog Club was founded in 2015 to promote the breed and ensure its preservation.

Rajapalayam dog Temperament

The Rajapalayam dog is an active and alert breed that is typically good-natured, courageous, and loyal to its owner. They are not overly friendly with strangers, however, and can be quite protective of their family and home. This makes them ideal guard dogs.

Rajapalayams dog is generally good with children but should be supervised when interacting with them, as these dogs can become too rough in play. This is an active breed that needs plenty of exercises and a job to do. Without it, they can become bored, destructive, and even aggressive.

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Rajapalayam dog Characteristics

They are known for their loyalty and protective nature and are popularly used for hunting, guard duties, and companionship. These dogs have a muscular build, with short white fur, black pigmentation around the eyes, and a distinctive pinkish nose.

The head is strong, with a square-shaped muzzle and long, pendulous ears. The eyes are dark and expressive, while the tail is long and curled. These dogs are very agile and can reach speeds of up to 35 mph! They are known to be loyal, devoted, and courageous and will protect their family fiercely if provoked.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to train Rajapalayam dog?

Training your Rajapalayam dog is essential to ensure it develops into a happy and well-behaved companion. As with any breed, positive reinforcement is key.

Start by establishing the basic commands of sit, stay, come and leave it early on. Be consistent and reward good behavior with praise or treats. It’s also important to socialize your Rajapalayam dog from an early age.

Make sure it gets plenty of exposure to different people, places, animals, and situations in a controlled environment. If your Rajapalayam dog shows signs of aggression, it’s best to seek the help of a professional trainer. With proper training and a little patience, your Rajapalayam dog can be a loyal and well-behaved companion for years to come.