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Bulldogs, with their distinctive appearance and charming personalities, have become a beloved breed among dog enthusiasts and pet owners alike. These stout, wrinkled canines have a rich history and unique characteristics that set them apart from other breeds. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into everything you need to know about Bulldogs, from their history and physical traits to their temperament, Bulldog Price, care requirements, and more.

Bulldog Puppies For Sale In India | bulldog kennel in india

Isn’t it better to have a pet that can be cute, goofy, and incredibly powerful at the same time? If you are looking for an ideal blend of the best personality types, you are looking for a Bulldog. Bulldogs can be lovable, sweet, funny, and fierce on command! Having a Bulldog at home is like having a loyal companion and a dedicated protector. Your pet will not only play fun games with you but also keep a watch on your loved ones.

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All set to welcome your new family member? Let us know and the cutest Bulldog puppy in the country will be on its way! If you’re still not convinced, read further to know this breed a little more.

//Bulldog Price In Major Indian Cities//

Bulldog Price In India

Indian Cities

Bulldog Prices

Bulldog price in bangalore ₹27,000 – ₹65,000
Bulldog price in hyderabad ₹25,000 – ₹62,000
Bulldog price in pune ₹20,000 – ₹55,000
Bulldog price in delhi ₹20,000 – ₹55,000
Bulldog price in kerala ₹25,000 – ₹56,500
Bulldog price in kolkata ₹35,000 – ₹65,000
Bulldog price in mumbai ₹25,000 – ₹60,000
Bulldog price chennai ₹20,000 – ₹55,000
Bulldog price gujarat ₹25,000 – ₹62,000

Bulldog Puppy Price In India

Bulldog puppy price in India starts from 25,000 INR and can reach upto 70,000 INR. The price of Bulldog puppies are found to fluctuate when compared with breeders from all over India.

bulldog puppies price in india

French bulldogs are in high demand nowadays and for good reason. They’re extremely affectionate and love to be with their owners, which is why they make such great pets. French bulldog cost in india range anywhere ₹40,000 -₹85,000.

bulldog puppies for sale in india

Healthy pure Bulldog Price in India can vary greatly depending on the age, breed and quality of the breeder,On average Bulldog Price in India can range between ₹55,000 – ₹90,000. Bulldog puppy price in India starts from 25,000 INR and can reach upto 70,000 INR. The price of Bulldog puppies are found to fluctuate when compared with breeders from all over India.

Best For Pets gives you nothing but the best Bulldog puppy price in India. All our prices are justified and assessed by a team of canine experts. We know how sensitive matters get when it comes to spending a fortune to buy a puppy. We keep the Bulldog price in India as low as possible by eliminating the middlemen. We breed and sell these furry friends directly to our clients to get them the best rates. Along with fair Bulldog puppy prices, we also help you purchase all pet supplies and accessories you need to care for your Bulldog.


French Bulldog Cost In India

Indian Cities

French Bulldog Prices

French bulldog puppies price in india ₹40,000 – ₹85,000
French Bulldog price in bangalore ₹45,000 -₹85,000
French Bulldog price in hyderabad ₹45,000 -₹90,000
French Bulldog price in delhi ₹45,000 -₹90,000
French Bulldog price in kerala ₹45,000 -₹90,000
French Bulldog price in kolkata ₹45,000 -₹85,000
French Bulldog price in mumbai ₹40,000 -₹85,000
French Bulldog price chennai ₹45,000 -₹85,000
French Bulldog price Punjab ₹45,000 -₹85,000

English Bulldog Price In India / British Bulldog Price In India

A english bull dog price in india can cost anywhere from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 70,000. British Bulldog Price in India depends on many things. It is not that the english bulldog price will be the same across India. It depends on the various factors that are mentioned below.

Bulldog Puppies For Sale In India
english bulldog purchase in india

American Bulldog Price In India

The price of American Bulldogs in India is around 30,000 INR to 60,000 INR. It is not that the American Bulldog Price will be the same across India. It depends on the various factors that are mentioned below.

Various Factors That Affects The Price OF Bulldog

The price of a Bulldog can vary significantly based on several factors. If you’re considering bringing a Bulldog into your family, it’s essential to understand these factors to make an informed decision about your purchase. Here are seven key factors that can affect the price of a Bulldog:

1. Breeder Reputation

Reputable breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their Bulldogs tend to charge higher prices. These breeders invest in proper breeding practices, genetic testing, and quality care for the puppies, which can increase the cost.

2. Lineage and Pedigree

Bulldogs with champion bloodlines or prestigious pedigrees often come with a higher price tag. Such dogs may have a documented lineage of excellence in conformation, temperament, or specific traits.

3. Age of the Bulldog

Puppies are generally more expensive than adult Bulldogs. The price often includes initial vaccinations, microchipping, and sometimes spaying/neutering. Older Bulldogs may be less expensive but may have additional healthcare needs.

4. Color and Coat Pattern

Bulldogs come in various coat colors and patterns. Some colors, like rare or unique ones, may be more expensive than the more common ones. For example, blue Bulldogs or those with unusual markings may command higher prices.

5. Health and Genetic Testing

Bulldogs with documented health clearances and genetic testing results tend to be more expensive. These tests help ensure the puppy is less likely to develop hereditary health issues common in the breed.

6. Demand and Availability

The supply and demand for Bulldogs can fluctuate. If Bulldogs are in high demand and short supply in your area, prices may rise. Conversely, in regions with more breeders and available puppies, prices may be more competitive.

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Bulldog Personality And Behaviour

Bulldogs are known for their sweet personalities and gentle, loving disposition. They’re friendly towards people and other dogs, but with strangers can be wary. Without proper socialization and training, however, bulldogs can become aggressive.

So when purchasing one from a breeder, look for one that is well-trained in obedience so you can avoid any behavioral issues later on. Bulldogs love attention from their owners and will gladly sit in your lap while you work or snuggle up next to you on the couch at night! Some of these dogs may even try (and succeed!) to take a spot on your bed during sleep time.

An Introduction To Bulldogs

Bulldogs are British dogs belonging to the Mastiff family. The breed is commonly known as English Bulldog. Another popular breed of the same family is the French Bulldog. Here, we will stick to English Bulldog puppies for sale in India.

Bulldogs are medium-sized dogs characterized by their muscular bodies and large heads. These heads carry thick folds of skin around the shoulders and faces. With protruding lower jaws and flat faces, Bulldogs are easy to distinguish from a bunch of dogs. Bulldogs inherently look confident and fierce. They are strong protectors with unmatched loyalty. Over time, the breed has evolved to give ideal domestic pets to families worldwide. Once a Bulldog gets comfortable with you and your loved ones, it will shower you with unconditional love.

Despite their dark and violent past as bull-baiters, Bulldogs have calm and lovable personalities. Their temperament makes them wonderful companions. Bulldogs have the right amount of courage needed to guard your house and protect your family. They are known for their easy-going nature which makes them everyone’s favorite.

Moreover, Bulldogs have short and smooth coats that make grooming hassle-free. Your pet will not demand a lot of time and energy when it comes to its grooming needs. Coming in multiple colors, you can purchase a Bulldog with a white, red, brindle, or fawn coat.

About Bulldog

History Of Bulldog

The history of the Bulldog is a fascinating journey that reflects the resilience and adaptability of this remarkable breed. Originally, Bulldogs were bred for bull-baiting in 13th-century England. Their strong and tenacious nature made them perfect for this brutal sport, where they would grip a bull’s nose and hang on until the bull was subdued. Thankfully, this cruel practice was banned in the early 19th century, leading to a significant shift in the breed’s purpose.

In the face of this transformation, Bulldogs evolved into loyal and affectionate companions. Selective breeding over generations refined their temperament, making them ideal family pets. Their history as bull-baiters is still evident in their robust build and determined expression, but today’s Bulldogs are gentle, loving, and devoted members of the household.

Appearance of Bulldog

Bulldogs typically have a short, smooth coat that comes in various colors, including brindle, white, fawn, and combinations of these. Their short, sturdy legs and compact tails add to their unique appearance. Despite their formidable look, Bulldogs have a charming and lovable expression that melts the hearts of those who meet them.

Bulldogs are instantly recognizable thanks to their distinctive appearance. These medium-sized dogs are characterized by their muscular, stocky bodies, loose and wrinkled skin, and short, flat faces. Their head is broad and square, with a pushed-in nose, known as a “brachycephalic” feature. They have a powerful jaw and a distinctive underbite, where their lower teeth protrude slightly in front of the upper teeth.

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Bulldog puppy price In India
bulldog dog kennel in india

Bulldog Temperament and Activities

Bulldogs are known for their delightful temperament, making them excellent companions for families, singles, and seniors alike. They are renowned for their gentle and affectionate nature, often forming strong bonds with their owners. Bulldogs are also quite adaptable, thriving in various living situations, from apartments to spacious homes with yards.

While Bulldogs have a calm and easygoing disposition, they can also be a bit stubborn at times. Patience and positive reinforcement are key when training them. They are known to be good with children, making them fantastic family pets. Bulldogs also tend to get along well with other dogs and pets, provided they are properly socialized from an early age.

In terms of physical activity, Bulldogs do not require intense exercise routines. They enjoy short walks and playtime in the yard but can overheat and struggle with excessive physical exertion due to their brachycephalic faces. These dogs are more inclined toward leisurely activities and are content to lounge with their owners. However, it’s essential to monitor their weight to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle, as they have a propensity to gain weigh.

Bulldog Health Issues

Bulldogs are a beloved breed, but they are also known for their susceptibility to various health issues due to their unique physical characteristics. It’s essential for prospective Bulldog owners to be aware of these potential health concerns and take proactive steps to ensure their pet’s well-being. Here are some common health issues associated with Bulldogs:

Brachycephalic Syndrome

Bulldogs have flat faces, which can lead to breathing difficulties. This condition, known as brachycephalic syndrome, can cause snoring, wheezing, and even more severe respiratory problems. It’s crucial to keep Bulldogs in a cool and well-ventilated environment, especially during hot weather.

Skin Fold Infections

The loose skin folds on Bulldogs can trap moisture and debris, making them prone to skin fold infections. Regular cleaning and drying of these areas, as well as using specialized pet-safe wipes, can help prevent infections.

Hip Dysplasia

Bulldogs are susceptible to hip dysplasia, a genetic condition where the hip joint doesn’t develop properly. This can result in pain and reduced mobility. Regular vet check-ups can help detect and manage this condition.

Cherry Eye

Bulldogs can develop a condition called cherry eye, where the gland in their third eyelid protrudes and becomes visible. This may require surgical correction to prevent discomfort and potential eye issues.


Bulldogs have a tendency to gain weight, which can exacerbate their breathing difficulties and lead to other health problems. Maintaining a balanced diet and providing regular exercise is essential to keep them at a healthy weight.

Heart Issues

Bulldogs may be prone to heart problems, such as aortic stenosis or mitral valve disease. Regular cardiac check-ups with a veterinarian can help monitor and manage these conditions if they develop.

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Why Get A Puppy From Bulldog Breeders In India?

Have you started making Google searches like “the best Bulldog breeder near me?” If yes, let us tell you that your search has ended successfully! With Best For Pets, you will realize how working with a Bulldog breeder is better than buying a puppy from a pet shop. Let us explore a few reasons why a Bulldog breeder is better than a pet shop in India:

Getting All Bulldog-related Information

A responsible dog breeder in India will give you all the information related to Bulldogs. From the breed’s inherent behavioral traits to its feeding habits, you can ask a breeder anything and receive a detailed answer. It is never advisable to get a pet like a Bulldog without having sufficient knowledge about the breed. A Bulldog breeder will stay with you and help you understand these furry friends in the best way possible.

Buying A Healthy Bulldog

You would never want a pet that is prone to multiple illnesses throughout its life. Dog breeders are the most reliable sources if you want to buy a healthy Bulldog puppy in India. They conduct continuous health checks on their breeding farms to identify puppies with heritable conditions and treat the ones with curable complications.

Getting Historical Context

Bulldogs were not always domesticated. They have had a violent past and have evolved into family pets. To know your Bulldog puppy better, it is important to know the breed’s history. Dog breeders will explain this to you and give you the historical context of your pet’s personality traits.

Meeting Your Bulldog’s Parents

Most Bulldog breeders let you meet your puppy’s parents before taking it home. This gives you an idea about your little companion’s look and behavior once it gets older. If you want a glimpse of your Bulldog puppy’s future, you can always ask a breeder about meeting its parents. Rest assured, most of them will oblige.

Facts About Bulldog

A bulldog is a medium-sized breed of dog that comes in several different varieties, with features that can differ substantially. In fact, a lot of specific facts can help you understand your new friend better and lead to a happier life together. With that in mind, here are seven fascinating facts about these popular pooches.

  • While they used to be bred as hunters and herders, today’s bulldogs are commonly kept as companions due to their affectionate nature and low energy levels. Bulldogs need minimal exercise because of their stocky build and short muzzles; regular walks will suffice for most of them.
  • Bulldog puppies are usually born white or cream colored, but they should turn brown or red within a few weeks.
  • Bulldogs have very unique facial expressions—in particular, their wide open mouths and wrinkled faces—that make them easy to identify even from afar.
  • Some people refer to bulldogs as English dogs while others call them British dogs; either way, it refers to where they originated. The term bulldog may come from an Old English word meaning short tail.
  • It’s not unusual for bulldogs’ ears to fold over themselves at some point during development; however, most don’t stay folded forever.
  • If a bulldog has his mouth open and his tongue sticking out, he’s probably panting. This means he’s trying to cool off since his short muzzle doesn’t allow him to breathe properly when he breathes through his nose.
  • Bulldogs aren’t particularly vocal animals; instead, they tend to communicate through body language rather than sounds. However, if you notice any changes in behavior that could indicate pain or discomfort (such as limping), contact your vet immediately!
bulldog puppies for sale in india

Why Choose Best For Pets To Purchase Bulldog Puppies In India?

Tailor-made Support

Once you make up your mind about buying a Bulldog puppy, you can leave the rest to us! Our team of canine professionals and experienced breeders offers tailor-made support at all buying stages. Before, during, and after you bring your furry friend home, you can expect continuous support from our end. Whether you need clarifications regarding the breed or want us to connect you to trusted vets, we will give you all the support you need from the moment you reach us!

Best Bulldog Price In India

You can expect nothing less than the best Bulldog price in India with Best For Pets. Staying true to our name, we give you the best quotes that are not heavy on your pockets. The direct channel of breeding and selling these furry friends prevents our clients from spending a fortune. Our team members will also give you estimated Bulldog maintenance costs before closing your deal. From feeding your pet to grooming and training it, we will give you an idea about the expenses you will meet.

Multiple Bulldog Options

We at Best For Pets give you multiple Bulldog options to choose from. Give us your preferences and we will present a range of different puppies you can choose from. We believe in giving all our clients complete freedom of choice during their buying journeys. Even if you think Bulldog is not the best pet option for you, you can choose from more than fifty different dog breeds available at Best For Pets. In short, you will not go empty-handed once you approach us!

Harmless Bulldog Breeding

We love these little companions as much as you do. None of our team members can even think of harming Bulldogs while breeding them. Our breeding practices are completely ethical and safe, ensuring that the puppies lead long and healthy lives. As soon as a Bulldog puppy is born, we keep it in a comfortable shelter and tend to it until we get a request from a dog lover like you!

Training And Exercise Requirements For Bulldogs

Bulldogs have unique exercise and training needs that cater to their specific characteristics and temperament. Here are seven key points to consider:

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Moderate Exercise

Bulldogs are not highly active dogs. They benefit from short daily walks and playtime, typically 30 minutes to an hour. Avoid strenuous exercise to prevent overheating due to their brachycephalic (flat-faced) nature.

Basic Obedience Training

Start with basic commands like sit, stay, and come. Bulldogs can be stubborn, so patience and positive reinforcement are essential for successful training.


Early and continuous socialization is vital. Expose your Bulldog to various people, animals, and environments to ensure they grow up to be well-adjusted and friendly.

Potty Training

Bulldogs can be a bit challenging to house-train due to their stubbornness. Consistency and a regular schedule are key to successful potty training.

Leash Training

Teach your Bulldog to walk on a leash from a young age. This will help prevent pulling and make walks more enjoyable for both of you.

Positive Reinforcement

Use positive reinforcement techniques like treats, praise, and affection to motivate and reward your Bulldog during training. Avoid harsh punishments, as Bulldogs respond better to positive interactions.

Mental Stimulation

Bulldogs may not require vigorous physical exercise, but they do need mental stimulation. Puzzle toys and interactive games can keep their minds engaged.

Benefits Of Purchasing A Bulldog In India

Ideal Family Pets

AKC (American Kennel Club) has ranked Bulldogs as the second-best family dogs in the world! A Bulldog is loved by all members of a family, right from kids to senior citizens. Bringing this furry friend home will make it an instant favorite of all your loved ones. Once a Bulldog gets comfortable with people around it, it will give them all the love and loyalty in the world! It has an even temperament and lovable personality, making it a perfect addition to your family.

Low Maintenance Dogs

Bulldogs are not the kind of pets that demand extensive grooming and maintenance. Their feeding requirements are far less than most large breeds. Moreover, their short and smooth coats need not be maintained thoroughly. As long as you brush your Bulldog’s coat two to three times every week, it will retain its aesthetic appeal. Most Bulldog parents groom their pets all by themselves. However, you can take your little companion to a professional groomer for better results. It does not take a lot to make a Bulldog look neat and tidy.

Natural Born Entertainers

An underappreciated quality of a Bulldog is its natural sense of humor. Rest assured that your pet will always keep you entertained with its goofiness and antics. You will never have a dull moment in your house after bringing in this little companion. If you are having a bad day and wish to rejuvenate, all you need to do is bring your Bulldog to your room and watch it without interruptions. It is bound to make you feel better! If trained well, your Bulldog will also understand your mood and go the extra mile to make you happy.

No Barking Problems

It is always a nuisance to have a dog that keeps barking incessantly. You will not face such issues with a Bulldog. As fierce as they look, Bulldogs do not bark a lot. While they make other noises, they are often calm and composed unless triggered. Your Bulldog will bark only if it gets hungry, senses danger, or is feeling unwell. With a Bulldog at home, you need not worry about bothering your family members or neighbors with loud and continuous barks.

Minimal Shedding

You will not see a sea of fur in your house with a Bulldog. While these dogs do shed, the shedding is minimal. The short coats of Bulldogs do not shed like Golden Retrievers and Labradors. You can always control excessive shedding by grooming your pet every day. Spend a few minutes every day brushing your Bulldog’s coat to keep shedding issues at bay.

No Tussles With Other Pets

You can bring a Bulldog home to any pet and it will make best friends with it. The laid-back personality of this breed prevents tussles with other pets (especially dogs). As long as the other pet is safe and does not have aggression issues, your Bulldog will pose no threat to any other animal in your house.

Perfect Apartment Dogs

Bulldogs are not too big to be accommodated in compact apartments. They give chilled-out vibes and do not need a lot of space to roam around. Even if you bring a Bulldog to a studio apartment, it will do well. They are adaptive dogs that do not create unnecessary ruckus for their pet parents.

Grooming For Bulldog

Grooming plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and well-being of your Bulldog. While Bulldogs are not high-maintenance in terms of grooming compared to some other breeds, there are specific care routines you should follow to keep your Bulldog looking and feeling their best.


Bulldogs should be bathed regularly, typically every 6 to 8 weeks, or as needed. Use a mild dog shampoo to avoid skin irritation, and be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry your Bulldog, paying special attention to the skin folds to prevent moisture-related skin issues.

Skin Folds

Bulldogs are known for their loose skin and deep wrinkles, which can trap moisture and debris, leading to skin fold infections. Regularly clean and dry these areas, using pet-safe wipes or a damp cloth, to prevent skin problems.


Brush your Bulldog’s coat weekly to remove loose hair and distribute natural oils, which can help keep their coat healthy and reduce shedding. Bulldogs have short, smooth coats, so brushing is relatively simple and serves more for cleanliness and bonding than for coat maintenance.

Ear Cleaning

Due to their folded ears, Bulldogs can be prone to ear infections. Check their ears weekly and clean them with a vet-approved ear cleaner if you notice any dirt or wax buildup.

Nail Trimming

Keep your Bulldog’s nails trimmed to a safe length to prevent discomfort and potential injury. Regular nail maintenance is essential, as overly long nails can affect their gait and cause joint issues.

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A Few Considerations Before Purchasing A Bulldog In India

Body Temperature Issues

As a Bulldog parent, you should know that your pet will find it difficult to regulate its body temperature. This is why Bulldogs are not subjected to strenuous physical activities. If they get too worked up, they may find it difficult to breathe. Such overheating issues lead to several health complications. While it is important to make your Bulldog exercise to keep it healthy, do not exceed its threshold. Stop the moment you see your furry friend panting.

Bulldogs Are Loud Snorers

A Bulldog does not bark a lot but it definitely snores loudly! As a Bulldog parent, you will need to get used to all the snoring over time. There is no way you can prevent this. Most pet parents stop finding this problematic after a few weeks.

Your Pet May Get Obese

As a Bulldog’s physical activities are limited, consuming more calories than it can burn may lead to obesity. It doesn’t take much for a Bulldog to get overweight. Monitor your little companion’s diet from day one and ensure that you do not go overboard with the feeding routine. If overlooked, obesity can lead to several health complications. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise every day will help you keep your Bulldog in shape.

Breed-specific Health Conditions

While Bulldogs are generally healthy dogs, they may suffer from certain breed-specific health issues. Make sure you obtain all information about them before getting a puppy from a reputed Bulldog breeder in India. Breathing issues are common in these dogs due to their flat faces. If you see your pet panting or gasping for air, give it immediate medical attention. Other common health conditions a Bulldog is prone to include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, heart murmurs, and pulmonic stenosis. Make regular vet visits to give your pet a long and healthy life.

Not The Easiest To Train

Unlike many breeds, Bulldogs are not eager to please, making them difficult to train. Despite having high intelligence, these dogs are too stubborn to train. Even if a Bulldog gets what you are trying to say, it may not obey you out of stubbornness. If you are planning to purchase a Bulldog puppy, train it before it gets older. Older Bulldogs are even more difficult to train. Use positive reinforcement to make the training sessions quick and effective. You may need a professional trainer’s help to teach new commands and tricks to your pet. The key to training a Bulldog is having patience and not giving up until your furry friend follows your commands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bulldogs Good With Children?

Do Bulldogs Require A Lot Of Exercise?

Bulldogs are not highly active dogs and do not require intense exercise. Short walks and moderate playtime are usually sufficient to keep them healthy.

How Should I Clean My Bulldog’s Wrinkles?

Clean your Bulldog’s wrinkles regularly with pet-safe wipes or a damp cloth. Ensure they are completely dry to prevent skin fold infections.

What Should I Feed My Bulldog?

Feed your Bulldog a high-quality dog food suitable for their age and activity level. Consult your veterinarian for specific dietary recommendations.

Are Bulldogs dangerous?

No, Bulldogs are not dangerous until you provoke them beyond a limit. They are known for their laid-back personalities and even temperament. A Bulldog will never go out of its way to harm anyone. Whether it encounters a stranger or another pet, it will behave cordially with everyone. The breed has left its violent past behind and makes one of the most lovable pets in the world.

Why is it better to buy puppies from a Bulldog breeder in India?

A Bulldog breeder in India provides you with valuable information about the breed. They give you cost-effective deals, especially if they do not use any middlemen in their supply chains. You can also ask a Bulldog breeder if you want to meet your puppy’s parents. Most breeders take such requests and give you a glimpse of your pet’s future.

Do Bulldogs Shed A Lot?

Bulldogs have a short, smooth coat and do shed, but the shedding is typically minimal compared to long-haired breeds.

Can Bulldogs Tolerate Hot Weather?

Bulldogs are sensitive to heat due to their brachycephalic faces. It’s essential to keep them in a cool and well-ventilated environment during hot weather.

Are Bulldogs Good For Apartment Living?

Yes, Bulldogs can adapt well to apartment living due to their moderate exercise needs and calm temperament.

Are Bulldogs hypoallergic?

No, Bulldogs are not hypoallergic. While the short coats shed minimally, they do shed throughout the year. If you or any of your family members suffer from fur allergies, think again before bringing a Bulldog home. You can consult a Bulldog breeder or a vet under such circumstances.

Can I get a Bulldog if I already have a pet?

Yes, your Bulldog will not pose any threat to the pet you already have. As long as the pet in your house is not aggressive, you need not worry about the Bulldog creating any ruckus. These dogs are cooperative and make good friends with other animals, irrespective of the breeds they belong to.

How is the Bulldog price in India set?

The Bulldog price in India is set considering multiple factors. Some of these factors include the Bulldog’s age, size, coat color, location, lineage, and the breeder’s reputation. Keep track of the puppy’s price in your city before approaching a suitable dog breeder.