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A bulldog is one of the most instantly recognizable breeds of dog out there, with its flat face, wrinkly skin and characteristic under bite. The bulldog, with its iconic wide-eyed and large-muzzled appearance, has long been an American favorite.Bulldogs are known for their distinctive appearance and personality, as well as their oftentimes aggressive nature.

However, if you’re not familiar with this adorable breed of pup and want to learn more about it, read this article, here is everything from bolldog apperance to bulldog price in india.

Bulldog Price in India

Healthy pure Bulldog Price in India can vary greatly depending on the age, breed and quality of the breeder, Bulldog Price in India can range between ₹55,000 – ₹90,000.

Bulldog Puppy Price in India 

Bulldog puppy price in India starts from 25,000 INR and can reach upto 70,000 INR. The price of Bulldog puppies are found to fluctuate when compared with breeders from all over India.

Bulldog Price in Major Indian Cities


Bulldog price in Delhi 20,000 – 55,000
Bulldog price in kolkata 35,000 – 65,000
Bulldog price in bangalore 27,000 – 65,000
Bulldog price in kerala 25,000 – 56,500
Bulldog price in chennai 20,000 –55,000
Bulldog price in hyderabad 25,000 – 62,000
Bulldog price in mumbai 25,000 –60,000
Bulldog price in pune 20,000 – 55,000
Bulldog price in gujarat 25,000 – 62,000
Bulldog price in ludhiana 20,000 – 55,000
Bulldog price in Punjab 27,000 – 65,000
Bulldog price in amritsar 25,000 – 62,000
Bulldog price in Jaipur 30,000 – 58,000
Bulldog price in Lucknow 20,000 – 50,000
Bulldog price in Chandigarh 30,000 –66,000


French bulldog cost in india

French bulldogs are in high demand nowadays and for good reason. They’re extremely affectionate and love to be with their owners, which is why they make such great pets. French bulldog cost in india range anywhere ₹40,000 -₹85,000.

french bulldog

City Price
french bulldog puppies price in india 25,000 – 62,000
french bulldog price in chennai ₹45,000 -₹85,000
french bulldog price in kolkata ₹45,000 -₹85,000
french bulldog price in kerala ₹45,000 -₹90,000
french bulldog price in delhi ₹45,000 -₹90,000
french bulldog price mumbai ₹40,000 -₹85,000
french bulldog price bangalore ₹45,000 -₹85,000
french bulldog price in hyderabad ₹45,000 -₹90,000
french bulldog price in punjab ₹45,000 -₹85,000


English Bulldog Price in India / British Bulldog Price in India 

A english bulldog price in india can cost anywhere from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 70,000. British Bulldog Price in India depends on many things. It is not that the english bulldog price will be the same across India. It depends on the various factors that are mentioned below.

english bulldog


English Bulldog Puppy Price in India

English Bulldog Puppy Price in India can cost as little as Rs. 15,000 or as much as Rs. 40,000 in India.

American Bulldog Price in India

The price of American Bulldogs in India is around 30,000 INR to 60,000 INR. It is not that the American Bulldog Price will be the same across India. It depends on the various factors that are mentioned below.

Various Factors that Affects the Price OF Bulldog

The Price of Bulldogs is affected by many factors. The seven main factors include, Breeders, Gender, Age and other Features, Origin of Breed, Bulldog Show Record and Titles/Awards Won, History/Lineage of Breed, and Presenting it in Dog Shows.

All these are some parts that affects Bulldog Prices in India. Now let us go through those factors step by step so that you will have a clear understanding about it. Let us begin with

1st factor which is Breeders. The more popular breeders you will deal with to buy Bulldog puppies then chances are high for your puppy price will be higher as well. It is because if there are two bulldogs available for sale at different prices but both of them belong to same breeder then chances are high that people would prefer to purchase from more famous breeder because they know they can get better quality dogs from him or her. It means their demand will be higher than others and hence their price would be higher too.

The 2nd factor which affects bulldog prices in India is Gender. If you want male dog then you should pay little extra amount than female one as male dogs cost little bit more than females due to its special features like strength, power, endurance etc., .

The 3rd factor which comes after gender is Age of bulldogs. Puppies under six months old cost more than adult bulldogs and adults under three years old cost more than adults over three years old. This is again because of its special qualities like puppies are cute looking, playful, energetic whereas adults are calm, experienced and trained already.

So customers always try to get best possible bulldog according to their requirement whether they need cute looking playful puppy or calm experienced adult dog.

The 4th factor which affects bulldog prices in India is origin of breed i.e., where it has been originated from? The most expensive bulldogs are those who have been originated from America and European countries while cheapest ones come from Asian countries like India, Thailand etc.

The 5th factor which affects bulldog prices in India is title/awards won by them. More titles a bulldog wins during competitions then more will be its price.

For example, American Bulldogs win highest number of titles during competitions compared to any other breeds so their price also becomes highest among all other breeds including British Bulldogs.

The 6th factor which affects bulldog prices in India is history/lineage of breed i.e., how long it has been existed? The longer a breed has been existed then more will be its popularity and price.

For example, French Bulldogs were introduced into Britain in mid-18th century so they are older than English Bulldogs which were introduced into Britain around mid-19th century and hence their prices become higher than English Bulldogs.

The 7th factor which affects bulldog prices in India is presenting it in dog shows. If you present your bulldog at dog shows regularly then chances are high for getting good offers from buyers because of its popularity among judges and spectators alike.

Appearance Of Bulldog

Bulldogs have a characteristic pushed-in nose, deep chest and powerful hindquarters. They are stocky, yet muscular dogs with a powerful stance. The head is large and squared off with a somewhat Roman-nosed appearance in most dogs of lighter colors, particularly fawns and brindles. Some bulldogs have what’s called dished noses — their nostrils appear more sunken into their face — but not all do.

Eyes can be any color but should be wide set apart on their broad faces. Their ears are small and triangular, usually cropped or naturally short and held close to their heads. A bulldog has a thick coat that comes in a variety of colors including white, black, red/fawn or brindle/tiger stripes.

History of Bulldog

Bulldog history stretches back hundreds of years. Bulldogs were originally used for bull-baiting, which was popular in Britain until around 1835. In case you aren’t familiar with bull-baiting, here’s a quick rundown of what that entailed: Bulldogs were tied to a post and provoked into attacking by allowing bulls or other animals to run free and attack them.

Watching dogs mauling bulls was often a favorite sport for British sports fans of yore, so much so that some people even bet on matches. The practice was outlawed in 1835, but not before Bulldogs had been bred to be more aggressive. By then, Bulldogs had already become an iconic breed and continued their popularity through dog shows and as family pets. Today, Bulldog popularity is at an all-time high.

Bulldog Personality And Behaviour

Bulldogs are known for their sweet personalities and gentle, loving disposition. They’re friendly towards people and other dogs, but with strangers can be wary. Without proper socialization and training, however, bulldogs can become aggressive.

So when purchasing one from a breeder, look for one that is well-trained in obedience so you can avoid any behavioral issues later on. Bulldogs love attention from their owners and will gladly sit in your lap while you work or snuggle up next to you on the couch at night! Some of these dogs may even try (and succeed!) to take a spot on your bed during sleep time.

Bulldog Health Issues

As with any breed, there are a number of health issues that can affect bulldogs. If you’re looking for a healthier dog, consider adopting from a rescue organization instead of buying from a breeder. Many Bulldogs have hip problems (hip dysplasia), which affects about 20% of bulldogs—often before they’re even six months old!

bulldog health issue

Bulldogs also tend to wheeze and snore, making them bad choices if your home is relatively small or in close quarters with other dogs or people who may be disturbed by constant noise. Low blood sugar is another issue seen in bulldogs; symptoms include tremors and staggering (especially after eating).

Bulldog skin can also be sensitive; food allergies, yeast infections and contact dermatitis are some of the most common issues here.

Bulldog Care Tips

While the bulldog is a sturdy pooch, he does need regular grooming and special care. Your bulldog should be brushed regularly with a soft-bristled brush. This will help your dog shed less, as well as prevent hair from getting tangled in his paws and teeth.

If you are dealing with flatulence issues, it may be helpful to brush your dog’s teeth every other day or so. Brushing daily will not only help keep gas at bay but can also improve dental health in general.

Finally, remember that your pup is part of a pack and he needs regular exercise time to get out all of his energy! One walk per day should be sufficient for most puppies – but you may have to double up if he’s extra energetic.

Bulldog Lifespan

The typical bulldog lifespan is around 8-10 years, but there’s also no guarantee how long your dog will live. A bulldog’s lifespan may be shorter or longer than average due to factors like age and gender. According to Pet MD, female bulldogs tend to outlive male bulldogs, especially those over 10 years old.

And older bulldogs are more likely to develop health problems that shorten their lifespans; Pet MD reports that health conditions such as cardiomyopathy and portosystemic shunt (the latter which often causes liver disease) can lead to shorter lives in senior dogs of all breeds. But when it comes down it, an estimated lifespan is just that—estimated.

7 Facts About Bulldog

A bulldog is a medium-sized breed of dog that comes in several different varieties, with features that can differ substantially. In fact, a lot of specific facts can help you understand your new friend better and lead to a happier life together. With that in mind, here are seven fascinating facts about these popular pooches.

1) While they used to be bred as hunters and herders, today’s bulldogs are commonly kept as companions due to their affectionate nature and low energy levels. Bulldogs need minimal exercise because of their stocky build and short muzzles; regular walks will suffice for most of them.

2) Bulldog puppies are usually born white or cream colored, but they should turn brown or red within a few weeks.

3) Bulldogs have very unique facial expressions—in particular, their wide open mouths and wrinkled faces—that make them easy to identify even from afar.

4) Some people refer to bulldogs as English dogs while others call them British dogs; either way, it refers to where they originated. The term bulldog may come from an Old English word meaning short tail.

5) It’s not unusual for bulldogs’ ears to fold over themselves at some point during development; however, most don’t stay folded forever.

6) If a bulldog has his mouth open and his tongue sticking out, he’s probably panting. This means he’s trying to cool off since his short muzzle doesn’t allow him to breathe properly when he breathes through his nose.

7) Bulldogs aren’t particularly vocal animals; instead, they tend to communicate through body language rather than sounds. However, if you notice any changes in behavior that could indicate pain or discomfort (such as limping), contact your vet immediately!


Is English Bulldog dangerous?

Due to their temperament and demeanour, English Bulldogs are not in the least bit dangerous canines. Since they are more passive and easygoing than other breeds, English Bulldogs have a friendly and outgoing nature and are more inclined to lick someone than attack them.

Are french bulldogs good with cats ?

Cats and French bulldogs get along well as long as the introduction is done gradually.

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