Mudhol Dog Price in India 2023 ❤️ – Buying Guide & Care Tips

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The Mudhol dog (aka Mudhol hound) is an indigenous Indian breed of dog found in the state of Karnataka in India and surrounding states like Maharashtra, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. The most distinctive characteristic of the Mudhol dog breed is its lean body and light brown coat which closely resembles that of an African wild dog.

Learn everything you need to know about the Mudhol dog right here and know the Mudhol Dog Price in India!

Mudhol Dog Price in India

The Mudhol Dog Price in India can range between Rs 8,000 to Rs 25,000. Mudhol Dog Price in India depends on many things. It is not that Mudhol Dog Price will same across India. It depends on several factors that are mentioned below.

Mudhol Dog Prices in Different Locations

Different Locations Prices

Mudhol dog price in Bangalore

Rs 8,000 to Rs 25,000

Mudhol dog price in Hyderabad

Rs 8,000 to Rs 25,000

Mudhol dog price in shimoga

Rs 7,000 to Rs 22,000

Mudhol dog price in Mangalore

Rs 7,000 to Rs 21,000

Mudhol dog price in Karnataka

Rs 7,000 to Rs 22,000

Mudhol dog price in mudhol

Rs 7,000 to Rs 25,000


Various Factors that Affects The Price of Mudhol Dog

• The first factor that affects the price of a Mudhol Dog is where it comes from. Dogs bred in India are often cheaper than those bred in Europe.

• The second factor that affects the price of a Mudhol Dog is its size. If you have a smaller dog, you’ll need less food and fewer toys to keep it occupied.

• The third factor that affects the price of a Mudhol Dog is where you buy it from. If you’re purchasing your dog from a breeder, expect to pay more for one that has been carefully selected and raised with love. The same goes for buying from pet stores or rescue shelters, as these organizations incur costs such as salaries and upkeep that must be covered by what they charge for dogs or adoptions fees.

• The fourth factor that affects the price of a Mudhol Dog is how old it is. As puppies grow into adults, they require more expensive care like vaccinations and neutering procedures.

• Fifth Factor: Grooming and exercise also affect how much you spend on your Mudhol Dog because you’ll need to purchase tools for grooming (a brush, shampoo) or equipment for exercising (a leash).

• Sixth Factor: Lastly, there’s the temperament of your mudhole dog. Some breeds may require training classes or regular visits to the vet while others may not need any attention at all.

Appearance Of Mudhol Dog

The Mudhol is a very handsome breed of dog. It has a long, smooth coat with colors that can range from black and tan, to brown or red. It also has a long nose and large eyes, which are usually brown. The legs are straight-boned and it has long ears that stand up above the head in an alert manner.

Mudhol dog 1

Females have an average weight of 17 kg and males have an average weight of 20 kg. The height for females ranges from 18-21 inches while males range from 21-24 inches tall.
Habitat Of Mudhol Dog (four sentences)].

Mudhol Dog Personality And Behaviour

Mudhol dogs are intelligent and energetic, which makes them great companions and working dogs. They’re also known for their intelligence and have been used as hunting dogs in India. Since they’re very observant, they can be a little apprehensive with strangers.

But once they get to know you, you’ll be best friends forever! The Mudhol dog is an excellent companion who will always stick by your side. And because of their affectionate nature, this breed needs plenty of socialization and attention from people.

Mudhol Dog temperament

Mudhol Dogs have an outgoing and friendly temperament. They are good with children, strangers and other dogs. They can be territorial though so they need a lot of socialization from puppyhood onward. They make excellent watchdogs because they bark loudly when someone comes near their property or home.

Mudhol Dogs also enjoy playing fetch and swimming as well as being involved in agility competitions. Because these dogs love human company, it is necessary for them to be on their own for long periods of time which may lead them to develop separation anxiety which could result in destructive behavior such as chewing or barking excessively when left alone for too long.

Mudhol Dog Health Issues

Mudhol dogs have a few health issues that are unique to the breed. One of these is the unfortunate tendency for them to get chylothorax or chyloperitoneum, which is a condition where their body produces too much fluid.

This can be caused by many factors like injury, hypothyroidism, or even surgery. When it does happen, it’s important to take your dog in for treatment as soon as possible so they don’t suffer from lung collapse and other complications.

Mudhol Dog Care Tips

Mudhol Dogs are wonderful family pets. Here are five tips for caring for your new Mudhol pup.

1) Always make sure your dog has fresh water, food and treats available

2) Give him plenty of love and attention every day, he will be a loyal friend for years to come!

3) Keep his living space clean and free from any hazards (avoiding dangerous plants, no items that may fall on him while he is sleeping, etc.).

4) Make sure he gets enough exercise by playing with him or taking walks together.

5) Take care of his fur by brushing and bathing regularly. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have a happy dog who is healthy, happy, and safe!

Mudhol Dog Lifespan

Mudhol Dogs are known for their long lifespan, with some living as long as 17 years. They can live up to 16 years if they receive proper care and nutrition. Mudhol Dogs are typically between 10 and 15 inches tall when measured from shoulder height on all fours. Females are generally smaller than males, and a female that is 14 inches tall from shoulder height on all fours is considered large for her breed.

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Facts about Mudhol Dog

1) Mudhol Dog is a breed of dog originating in Mudhol, Karnataka.

2) Mudhol Dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and strong guarding instincts.

3) They have also been used as cattle herders and watchdogs.

4) The Mudhol Dog is often confused with a large greyhound because of its similar appearance.

5) The Mudhol Dog can be distinguished from other breeds by the length of its head and muzzle, which is much longer than most other breeds.

6) The mudhol dog has an exceptional sense of smell that is not seen in any other Indian breed.

7) Though these dogs were once used as guard animals, they are now primarily kept for companionship or livestock herding purposes.

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