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7 best dog food in india 2022

best dog food in india 2021

Are you also searching like  ” which food is good for my dog  ” then don’t worry because in this article you are going to get the best information based on our research, Although providing your dog with the best dog food is a top priority for all pet parents, you may need to rely on boxed food to ensure that your dog receives the proper and optimal nutrition for growth.

Because the pet food industry has grown so rapidly in the last five years, there is now a wide variety of dog food options on the market. However, the most popular dog food brand on the Indian market might not be the best option for your cherished pet.

so let explore it in detail

7 best dog food in india 2021

Dog Food Brand Rating Price Buy
Pedigree Dog Food 4.4Rs. 613best dog food
Drools Dog Food 4 Rs. 629best dog food
Purina Supercoat dog Food 4.4Rs. 707best dog food
Purepet Dog Food 4Rs. 899best dog food
Arden Grange 4.6Rs. 1,510
Royal Canin Dog Food 4.4Rs. 2,820best dog food
Orijen Dog Food 4.6Rs. 4,456best dog food

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1.  Pedigree Dog Food

PEDIGREE is a full and balanced adult dog food that provides a healthy diet rich in key nutrients for your dog’s healthy growth. PEDIGREE delivers a delightful and healthy snack for your animal friends by combining grains, poultry, meat, and nutrients.

The good thing about it

•  It is high in critical nutrients for your pets’ healthy development.
•  The Waltham Center for Per Nutrition created it.

 It strengthens your dog’s bones, teeth, and muscles, as well as giving him a shinier coat.

 It claims to show results in  six weeks.

 The bad thing about it   

   Contains a High Carbohydrate Content.
•  package conditions are not good.
  It contains gluten, which is harmful to many dogs.

   Drools Dog Food

DROOLS is an Indian dog food brand. This contains Puppies’ growth and development are aided by a complete and balanced diet, which includes our #1 ingredient, Real Chicken, and also A great combination of ingredients with Vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals are essential for maintaining strong bones and a healthy digestive system.  The product is meticulously made at Asia’s largest and most modern factory, with special attention paid to food quality and safety.


The good thing about it

•  Nutritional laboratories properly inspect all of the raw components.
•  It is made entirely of actual chicken.
•   price is  fine
•  There are no artificial ingredients.

The bad thing about it
•  The nutrient content is insufficient for your dog’s healthy development.
•  The chicken is heated, which diminishes its nutritional value.

3.  Purina Supercoat Dog Food

Nestlé Purina experts with 120 years of experience in the field of pet nutrition developed SUPERCOAT. It combines individualized nutrition with high-quality natural ingredients to keep your dog’s complete body, including the interior, healthy. It’s also well-adapted to carnivorous feeding habits, making it appealing to the majority of pets as well as it has a good reputation, indicating that it is a typically safe food for your pet.

The good thing about it
•  The number one dry dog food brand in Australia is now available in India. 
•  Essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants help to strengthen a dog’s immune system.
•  there are no artificial colours.

The bad thing about it

•  slightly costly compare to other dog food brands

4.  Purepet Dog Food

The Purepet food brand has lots of varieties, the adult dog food maintains the weight of your dog and keeps them agile and active. It contains all the essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins that will boost your pet’s vitality and health.


The good thing about it
•  It builds your pet digestive system healthy.
•  It increases your pet an ideal weight.
•  It fulfills all the nutrition needs of your dog.

The bad thing about it
•  the food in big size granules which are hard for dogs to eat.

5.  Arden Grange Dog food

Arden Grange is a European brand that shows its dog food ingredient on the product label. the quantity of rice is more than corn or wheat which is good for your dog’s health, it contains fresh meat meals. As their primary ingredient is fresh Scottish salmon, it provides a good quality protein source that is palatable and digestible.

The good thing about it

contains protein in a good quantity.
•  it contains a good quantity of omega 3 fatty acid which helps to reduce the effects of histamine.
  it contains healthy grain.

The bad thing about it
•  Less quantity of Fillers

6.  Royal Canin Dog Food
Royal canin is a famous dog food brand in India. the main ingredients are rice and poultry protein. It contain 32% protein, 20% fat contain, crude ash 6.4%  etc. There are lots of varieties of this brand.

The good thing about it
contains highly digestible composition.
well shape, size and texture of kibble maintain digestive system as well as impact palatability.
build strong immune system.

The bad thing about it
•  the smell of the food is not too good.
•  some packaging issues.
7.  Orijen Dog Food

Orijen dog food is premium brand that famous in India as well as around the world. It is good quality dog food as it contains 85% fresh meat and 15% vegetables and fruits, it is grain free too. The brand has a lots of varities in the dog food option.
The good thing about it
well amount of protein.
premium quality ingredients with no filler.
with good flavour.

The bad thing about it

•  costly compare to other dog food brands.

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Which is the best dog food available in India?


How do I find the best dog food?

There are many dog food brands available in India, including Purina, Royal Canin, Similac, Nestle, and Pedigree. The best dog food available in India will depend on your dog’s age and breed and even on the individual preferences of your dog. Here are a few tips for choosing the best food:

• Make sure to get dog food that is balanced and a complete diet; foods that contain too many or too few vitamins can be harmful to your dog.

• If your dog has special dietary needs, such as allergies, it is important to make sure that the dog food you are buying is suitable

















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