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8 Best Dog Hair Trimmers India 2023 | Dog Hair Cutting Machine

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If you are a pet lover then you know that how much grooming is important for pets along with quality food and healthcare requirements. Trimming their excessive fur is not only good for their eyes, but it’s also good for their health. It ensures that they don’t get any fungal problems below their fur, A high-quality dog trimmer is required for this task.

There are many dog hair trimmer brands available in India but choosing a good brand can be worth your money, so. In this article, we have come up with the 8 best pet trimmers in India.

List of 8 Best Dog Hair Trimmers

Product Name Rating Buy Link
The PetVogue Professional Hair Trimmer 3.9 out of 5 Buy Link
Codos Professional Pet Trimmer 4.4 out of 5 Buy Link
Wahl Pet Rechargeable Trimmer 3.9 out of 5 Buy Link
Petology Automatic Pet Hair Trimmer 4 out of 5 Buy Link
The Coroid pet hair trimmer 4 out of 5 Buy Link
Surker Pet Trimmer 4.1 out of 5 Buy Link
Aysis Professional Pet Hair Trimmer 4.1 out of 5 Buy Link
Bonve Pet Hair Trimmer 4.3 out of 5 Buy Link

1. The PetVogue Professional Hair Trimmer

The PetVogue Professional Hair Trimmer is an excellent product in the Indian market. there are some great features of it that inclined you towards its purchase. This clipper comes up with a grooming set that includes comb attachments, a stainless steel scissor, a cleaning brush, and a stainless steel comb.

The dog hair trimmer set includes four different placement combs, resulting in four different fur lengths, Shorthair breeds like tabby cats and Beagles require a different length and cut than long hair types like Golden Retrievers and Maine Coons.

This Gentle and reliable clipper is suitable for various pet varieties such as dogs, cats, and rabbits. Its precision motor Working noise is less than 50 decibels, putting your pets at peace and preventing them from being terrified of haircuts and grooming their hair.

dog hair cutting machine


The good thing about it ( pros)
1. The clipper has a 5-speed tuning dial that allows you to adjust the length by bringing the ceramic blade in and out.
2. The removable blade trims fur gently and effectively without causing irritation to your pet’s skin or pulling on its hair.

3. precision motor generates low noise and vibration.
4. It can be used for all types of pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits.
5. It has a LED inductor.

The bad thing about it ( cons )
1. So yet, no drawbacks have been discovered.


2.  Codos Professional Pet Trimmer

Codos Professional Pet Trimmer has a ceramic moving blade and high-quality steel fixed blade that provides excellent cutting performance. Even after a lengthy period of use, the blade remains sharp. The precision motor produces very little noise with an ultra-quiet design to make the pet feel at ease and unafraid of haircuts.

The removable guiding combs make for quick, uncomplicated comb adjustments and enhanced adaptability, and the adjustable clipping comb is suitable for clipping hair of various lengths. Pet hair will not clamp and hurt as the cutting is swift and precise. You can count on a lithium battery to last a long time. These all features make it a good pet hair clipper in the Indian market.

codos dog trimmer


The good thing about it ( pros)
1. Over-charge protection for high-performance lithium batteries Quick charge time of 2 hours, with 2.5 hours of use time.

2. For use reminders and charging status, there is an LCD display.
3. The adjustable guiding cobs are very easy to use.
4. A charger and a cleaning brush are included with the model.
6. To set the trimming modes, it contains an adjusting lock key.
7. rechargeable or cordless dog hair trimmer.

The bad thing about it ( cons ) 
1. Instructions are not available in English.


3. Wahl Pet Rechargeable Trimmer

Wahl Pet Rechargeable Trimmer comes up with many features that make it a good choice in the market. It can be used on medium and small-sized dogs such as Shih Tzus, spaniels, bichons, and terriers. It comes with blades made of high-quality carbon steel that are both sharp and well-formed and also the ability to rinse the blades is a fantastic feature of this equipment. the comfortable form of the handle makes it simple to get a good grip.

The cordless design of this clipper is excellent to trim, clip, groom the face, touch-ups, paws, and full body clipping. It has the good option to be used as a horse clipper and is perfect for face, ears, legs, fetlocks, and bridle pathways trimming and touch-ups. Its battery lasts 40 minutes after being fully charged.

wahl pet trimmer


The good thing about it ( pros)
1. This trimmer has an extra set of 8 combs in variable lengths.

2. This trimmer generates low noise.
3. It is comfortable while using as it is low vibrating.
4. It has a LED charging indicator.
5. It can be used as a horse clipper.

The bad thing about it ( cons ) 
1. Not found yet.


4. Petology Automatic Pet Hair Trimmer

Another great hair trimmer on our list is Petology Automatic Pet Hair Trimmer. It is budget-friendly and comes under the price point of 2000 rupees, it has a lot of great features that should satisfy you of its worth. It includes a titanium movable blade as well as a titanium acute-angle blade for efficient and smooth cutting of your pet.

The fine-tuning knob allows for various length adjustments, With four attachment guide combs ranging from 3-6-10-13mm for cutting hair at various lengths.LED screen of this trimmer shows the speed of the trimmer, battery percentage and also indicates about time left to clean the blade. The feature of Turbo mode helps to cut the hair faster, also the cordless design of the trimmer allows you to use it anywhere after charging the battery for 2.5 hours.

petology hair trimmer


The good thing about it ( pros)
1. The package comes up with 4 guide comb, trimmer, cleaning brush, oil, blade protector, and charging cable.
2. The powerful motor does not clamp down on the pet and injure it.
3. Low vibration and extremely quiet construction (just approximately 60 dB noise) let the pet relax and no longer be terrified of haircuts.
4. Turbo mod assures you to cut hair faster.

The bad thing about it ( cons ) 
1. the product is slightly heavy at 560 grams


5. The Coroid pet hair trimmer

The Coroid pet hair trimmer is a long-lasting, rechargeable hair trimmer that is meant to give your pets professional-grade and comfortable grooming, it is a budget-friendly dog hair trimmer that comes under the price point of 1700 rupees.

It has titanium blades that are sharp and of great quality, as well as a ceramic comb, It contains a 5-degree fine-tuning knob for blade operations ranging from 0.8 mm to 2 mm, allowing for flawlessly trimming and nail clipping and neat hair cut.

It comes with high-capacity rechargeable batteries that take 5 hours to fully charge and offer 60-70 minutes of grinding or trimming time. the cordless design feature allows being used at various angles around your pet’s body. Its precision motor produces very little noise and vibration which gives comfort to your pet.

Aysis hair trimmer


The good thing about it ( pros)
1. It has an indicator that shows High speed by the blue light, while low speed is shown by the green light.
2. The blades maintain their sharpness for a long period and provide great cutting results.
3. The anti-rubber grips on both sides make it easy to hold when trimming your dog’s hair.
4. cordless and rechargeable design.

The bad thing about it ( cons ) 
1. It’s possible that the cutting mechanism could be improved.


6. Surker Pet Trimmer

Surker Pet Trimmer is the next one on our list that comes up with some of the great features which pull us towards its purchasing, this dog hair trimmer is budget-friendly and comes under the price point of 2000 rupees. It has a cordless and rechargeable design that gives you the freedom to use it anyplace without warring about charging wires, A lithium battery of the trimmer lasts 120 minutes after a charging time of 2.5 hours.

Its powerful and strong motor for heavy-duty work has a turbo switch that can increase speed according to your desired pet’s breed and hair. the feature of the LED screen notifies you of the power, the time to clean the blade, and the speed it is running which helps the user to better control the hair clipper process.

surket pet trimmer


The good thing about it ( pros)
1. the product includes some other accessories apart from trimmers such as a nail clipper, nail file, cleaning brush, 4guide combs, styling comb, and clippers.

2. For varying lengths of pet hair, 3-6-10-13mm adjustable and removable guiding combs were offered.
3. Even a novice can cut safely and neatly.
4. It comes up with a rechargeable and cordless design.

The bad thing about it ( cons )
1. some people issue with the sharpness of the blade.



7. Aysis Professional Pet Hair Trimmer

The next hair trimmer on our list is The Aysis Professional Pet Hair Trimmer. It is a budget-friendly hair trimmer that is available in the Indian market, also comes up with some great features which makes it a good choice.

The trimmer has a stainless steel comb for smoothing your pet’s long and thick hair and It comes with stainless steel scissors that can be used to tidy up hair after clipping or to cut long, thick hair before clipping. Its cordless feature allows you to use your hands freely without having to worry about a tangled cable.

On a full charge, the rechargeable batteries offer 70 minutes of operation time and It takes 3-4 hours to fully charge these batteries. It includes 6 comb guides and adjustable blades that are tailored to the breed and style of various dogs with thick and long hair, such as Havanas and German Shepherds. It has a 5-speed fine-tuning knob for the blade that ranges from 0.8 mm to 2 mm, allowing you to achieve sleek, professional, and flawlessly trimmed hairstyles.

coroid hair pet trimmer



The good thing about it ( pros)
1. It is suitable for all dog breeds with diverse hair kinds.
2. It comes with a blade that is easily installed and removed and is removable and cleanable.
3. This makes grooming easier because the sounds won’t frighten or irritate the dogs.
4. It has a charge indicator light that indicates the charging state.
5. Titanium blade with a ceramic comb of high quality.

The bad thing about it ( cons ) 
1. The batteries are quickly depleted.


8. Bonve Pet Hair Trimmer

The next hair trimmer in our is Bonve Pet Hair Clippers Trimmer, It is quite an expensive product but their great features make it worthy to purchase. With the feature of cordless or rechargeable, it allows you to do grooming of your pet any place without warring about charging wire.

The clipper comes along with a ceramic blade and a titanium blade that helps in cutting the hair of your cat or dog at different lengths, it includes a durable comb and sharp scissors. vibration and noise of the motor are very low that is below 50 dB ensures your cat or dog to not afraid of grooming and also it has a professional copper axis motor. the adjustable ceramic blade has ranged from 0.8mm to 2mm.

DOG hair trimmer


The good thing about it ( pros)
1. The noise and vibration of the motor are low.
2. The operation mode is quite simple due to the soft push switch.
3. The rechargeable batteries are Li-ion batteries with a capacity of 2200 mAh.
4. This trimmer can be used for both cats and dogs.
5. The blade features a fine-tuning knob for speed.
The bad thing about it ( cons ) 
1. The product has a high price tag.


How do I choose a dog hair trimmer?

When choosing a dog hair trimmer, consider the following factors to ensure you select the right one for your needs:

Coat type: Take into account your dog’s coat type. Some trimmers are specifically designed for short hair, long hair, curly hair, or specific breeds. Choose a trimmer that is suitable for your dog’s coat type to achieve the best results.

Grooming needs: Consider your dog’s grooming needs. If you have a dog with a low-maintenance coat that only requires occasional trimming, a basic trimmer may suffice. However, if you have a breed that requires regular haircuts or have multiple dogs, you might want to invest in a more advanced and durable trimmer.

Blade quality: Look for trimmers with high-quality blades that are sharp and durable. Stainless steel blades are commonly used and provide excellent cutting performance. Ensure that the blades are easy to detach and replace for cleaning or when they become dull over time.

Cutting length options: Different dogs may require different cutting lengths depending on their breed or desired style. Opt for a trimmer that offers adjustable cutting length options to accommodate various grooming preferences.

Noise and vibration: Dogs can be sensitive to noise and vibration, which may cause anxiety or discomfort during grooming. Consider trimmers that operate quietly and have minimal vibration to create a more pleasant grooming experience for your dog.

Corded or cordless: Decide whether you prefer the flexibility and mobility of cordless trimmers or the consistent power supply of corded trimmers. Cordless trimmers provide freedom of movement, but they may have limited battery life. Corded trimmers ensure continuous power but may restrict your range of movement.

Ergonomics and grip: Choose a trimmer that feels comfortable to hold and is ergonomically designed. Look for a trimmer with a nonslip grip or rubberized handle to prevent hand fatigue during longer grooming sessions.

Safety features: Safety should be a priority when using trimmers on your dog. Look for trimmers with features like rounded blade tips or guard attachments to minimize the risk of accidentally cutting your dog’s skin.

Brand reputation and reviews: Research and read reviews about different trimmer brands and models. Consider reputable brands known for producing quality grooming tools and check customer feedback to gauge user satisfaction and reliability.

Price and warranty: Set a budget for your trimmer purchase and compare prices across different brands and models. Also, check the warranty offered by the manufacturer to ensure you have sufficient coverage in case of any defects or issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are dog hair trimmers?

Dog hair trimmers, also known as dog clippers or grooming clippers, are specialized tools designed to cut or trim the hair of dogs. They are commonly used by dog owners, groomers, and veterinarians to maintain a dog’s coat length and overall grooming.

Why should I use dog hair trimmers instead of regular human clippers?

Dog hair trimmers are specifically designed for the unique needs of a dog’s coat. They have sharper blades and are designed to handle the thicker, coarser hair found on dogs. Using regular human clippers may be less effective and can cause discomfort or even injury to your dog.

How do dog hair trimmers work?

Dog hair trimmers work by using a motor that moves the blades back and forth to cut the hair. They usually have different blade attachments or guards that allow you to adjust the cutting length. The trimmers can be corded or cordless, with cordless models offering more flexibility and mobility during grooming sessions.


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