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Top 10 best Stairs For dogs 2023 | Dog stairs

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As pet owners, we want to provide the best care and comfort for our furry friends. One way to enhance their quality of life is by investing in the right accessories to meet their needs. If you have a dog, especially a smaller breed, a senior dog, or one with mobility issues, dog stairs can be a game-changer. They provide a safe and convenient way for your canine companion to access elevated surfaces like beds, couches, or even your car.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of dog stairs, discussing their benefits, types, features to consider, and reviews of some of the best options available. By the end of this article, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect set of stairs for your dog.

List of 10 best Stairs For dogs Product Name Rating Buy Now
1 Sturdy Dog Stairs and Ramp for Beds Not available Buy Now
2 Sandinrayli Dog Steps 4 Steps for High Bed
4.1 out of 5
Buy Now
3 PETSTAY Dog Stairs Pet Steps 3
3.8 out of 5
Buy Now
4 Topmart High Density Foam Dog Steps
4 out of 5
Buy Now
5 EXPAWLORER Dog Stairs for Small Dogs
4.2 out of 5
Buy Now
6 Pet Stairs by Majestic Pet Products
4 out of 5
Buy Now
7 Lesure Dog Stairs for Small Dogs
4.3 out of 5
Buy Now
8 Pet Gear Easy Step
4.3 out of 5
Buy Now
9 Faglan Indoor Dog Stairs
4.6 out of 5
Buy Now
10 Meadawgs Dog Stairs Not available Buy Now


Top 10 best Stairs For dogs

1. Sturdy Dog Stairs and Ramp for Beds

The HappyClimberTM Sturdy Dog Stairs and Ramp by ZICOTO are a game-changer for pet owners looking to provide their furry friends with easy access to couches and beds up to 22″ in height. These stairs offer a safe and comfortable solution, especially for smaller breeds, seniors, or dogs with mobility challenges.

Sturdy Dog Stairs and Ramp for Beds

Crafted with a brilliant design that combines a dog ramp and stairs, the Pawsoft!TM steps are made of high-density memory foam with a corduroy cover, providing reliable traction and gentle sloping steps that are ultra-easy for your dog to walk on. The 15.7″ height is perfect for most furniture.

What sets these stairs apart is their stability and safety features, including a non-skid bottom surface that ensures they stay firmly in place. Plus, the stylish light gray cover with darker gray accents matches any furniture and is machine-washable for easy maintenance.

With vacuum compression packaging for transport, the HappyClimberTM stairs are a convenient and eco-friendly choice. Let your dog become a HappyClimberTM the comfy way!

best stairs for dogs

2. Sandinrayli Dog Steps 4 Steps for High Bed

Sandinrayli’s 4-Step Dog Steps for High Beds offer a classic and elegant solution to help your pets, especially those with shorter legs, reach higher places with ease while avoiding the risks of dangerous jumps.

Sandinrayli Dog Steps 4 Steps for High Bed

Crafted with exquisite craftsmanship, these steps feature a delicately molded and smoothly polished body frame, ensuring there are no sharp edges that could harm your pets. Safety is further enhanced with built-in safety side rails and skid-proof soft mats on each step.

Made of healthy thick ABS plastic, these pet steps can withstand a substantial load of up to 110LBS and are easily cleaned with mild detergent. The product dimensions when unfolded are 24.41 x 14.96 x 19.69 inches (LxWxH).

Sandinrayli’s Dog Steps offer a safe and comfortable solution for your furry friends to access high beds, and the foldable back support makes storage convenient.

best stairs for dogs

3. PETSTAY Dog Stairs Pet Steps 3

PETSTAY’s 3-layer Pet Stairs offer a comfortable and safe way for your pet to climb to their favorite spots. These stairs are designed with the well-being of your furry friend in mind.

PETSTAY Dog Stairs Pet Steps 3

Constructed from high-density foam material, these stairs provide fast rebound and strong breathability, ensuring your pet’s comfort and reducing the burden on their legs when climbing. The grained corduroy surface adds extra traction and durability compared to other covers.

Safety is a top priority with non-slip bottoms featuring waterproof fabric and anti-slip particles. The wider and deeper steps further protect your dog’s joints and knees, making them ideal for older dogs with limited mobility or injured pets.

The removable and washable corduroy cover is easy to clean, and the stairs come packaged in vacuum compression for eco-friendly transport. PETSTAY’s Pet Steps are a thoughtful gift for small and medium-sized dogs, providing easy access to sofas, beds, and other hard-to-reach places.

best stairs for dogs

4. Topmart High Density Foam Dog Steps

Topmart’s High Density Foam Dog Steps are an excellent solution for pet owners seeking a safe and comfortable way for their furry companions to reach higher surfaces. These steps come with a special notice regarding vacuum compression packaging, which ensures the foam fully rebounds after 24-48 hours.

Topmart High Density Foam Dog Steps

Designed with your pet’s well-being in mind, these steps feature safer, wider, and deeper steps (15.75in x 7.1in each). These dimensions are ideal for older dogs and cats with mobility issues, reducing the strain on their joints. The corduroy cover adds extra friction to prevent slipping.

Product details include dimensions of 28.5 in. L x 15.7in. W x 20.5 in. H. The stairs are made of 30D high-density foam, ensuring durability and shape retention. Assembly is a breeze, and the machine-washable cover makes maintenance simple. These steps are recommended for pets weighing less than 60 pounds.

best stairs for dogs

5. EXPAWLORER Dog Stairs for Small Dogs

EXPAWLORER’s Dog Stairs for Small Dogs offer a practical and stylish solution to help your furry friend access elevated places. These stairs are designed with user experience and functionality in mind.

EXPAWLORER Dog Stairs for Small Dogs

The dimensions measure 24″ in overall length, 11.8″ in width, and 15.3″ in height, with a step height of 5″. What sets these stairs apart is the practical storage function provided by a hollow storage box, allowing you to store pet supplies conveniently.

Crafted from high-quality cardboard and linen material, these stairs are lightweight, comfortable, yet safe and durable. Assembly and disassembly are effortless, making storage a breeze.

The peripheral fabric is adorned with fashionable printing patterns, adding a touch of style to your pet’s space. EXPAWLORER’s Dog Stairs are an attractive and functional addition to any pet-friendly home.

best stairs for dogs

6. Pet Stairs by Majestic Pet Products

Majestic Pet Products presents their 3 Step Portable Pet Stairs, a perfect solution for pets of all sizes that need a little boost to access beds, sofas, or chairs comfortably. These stairs are not only functional but also designed with aesthetics and your pet’s safety in mind.

Pet Stairs by Majestic Pet Products

Measuring 18″ in depth, 15″ in height, and 16″ in width, these stairs are ideal for senior, arthritic, or recovering dogs and cats. The pet step cushion reduces the risk of injury, providing peace of mind for pet owners.

Unlike wooden or hard plastic stairs, these stairs feature a sturdy foam insert that won’t bruise your shins in case of accidental collisions. The removable, machine-washable cover makes maintenance a breeze.

Designed and assembled in the USA with imported materials, Majestic Pet Products guarantees the highest quality. These pet stairs are a stylish and functional addition to any home, ensuring your pets’ safety and comfort.

best stairs for dogs

7. Lesure Dog Stairs for Small Dogs

Lesure Dog Stairs offer a convenient and comfortable solution for pets of all sizes, especially seniors or those with joint problems. These stairs provide easy access to their favorite spots, and when it’s time to rest, they fold into a pet-approved bed.

Lesure Dog Stairs for Small Dogs

Crafted with high-density, lightweight foam, these stairs are both sturdy and easy to move. The non-slip bottom, with rubber dots, ensures stability and confidence that your furry friend will reach their destination safely.

With three sizes to choose from, you can find the perfect fit. The 3-step model is 13.5” tall, ideal for low-to-the-ground furniture. The 4-step version measures 18”, allowing access to sofas and beds, while the 5-step version, at 22.5”, is perfect for higher beds or car entry.

Maintenance is a breeze with removable machine-washable covers, and the foam core and medium-density fiberboard can be easily cleaned. Note that these stairs require installation and foam expansion over 24-72 hours.

best stairs for dogs

8. Pet Gear Easy Step

Pet Gear Easy Step is designed for both small and large dogs, featuring wider and deeper stair landings for secure footing. Rubber grippers on the bottom ensure these steps stay in place during use.

Pet Gear Easy Step

The carpet tread is removable, making cleaning a hassle-free task. These steps snap together without the need for tools, offering convenience and quick setup. With a step height of 6 inches, they provide a comfortable climb for your pet.

Pet Gear prioritizes safety and convenience in this product, and it’s the ideal solution for pets who need a little boost to access their favorite spots.

best stairs for dogs

9. Faglan Indoor Dog Stairs

Faglan Indoor Dog Stairs are designed with your pet’s comfort and safety in mind. The perfect design prevents unsightly scratches on your furniture while the low slope makes it easy for small or elder dogs to climb.

Faglan Indoor Dog Stairs

Constructed with a highly supportive, high-density foam core and a removable and washable fleece cover, these stairs are not only safe but also odorless. The cover’s slope features 2 non-slip strips, and the bottom has an anti-slip texture for added security.

Measuring 27.615.713.8 inches, these stairs are suitable for most small and medium-sized dogs and cats. Faglan even includes two dog step components, with sponge packed in vacuum compression. Simply allow the sponge to rebound, put on the cover, and zip up the bottom for assembly.

best stairs for dogs

10. Meadawgs Dog Stairs

Meadawgs Dog Stairs are the perfect solution for ensuring that your pet can easily access their favorite couch or bed. With four non-slip steps, this portable pet stairs ramp provides a secure and stable surface for your furry friend to climb up and down with confidence.

Meadawgs Dog Stairs

The compact size of 40x54x36.5cm makes these stairs easy to store and transport, making them an excellent choice for travel or simply moving them around the house as needed. Despite their lightweight design, these stairs are built to last and can support pets weighing up to 50 pounds.

Whether you have a playful puppy, a curious kitten, or an older pet in need of a little assistance, these stairs are a fantastic way to help them maintain their independence and mobility. Give your pet the freedom to join you on the couch or bed effortlessly with Meadawgs Dog Stairs.

best stairs for dogs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider getting stairs for my dog?

Dog stairs are beneficial for several reasons. They help your dog access higher places, like beds and sofas, with ease. This is especially important for small breeds, senior dogs, or those with joint issues, as it reduces the strain on their bodies. Dog stairs can also prevent injuries that may occur from jumping off furniture.

How do I choose the right size of stairs for my dog?

The size of the stairs should be appropriate for your dog’s size and the height of the furniture they need to access. Measure the height from the floor to the furniture’s surface, and choose stairs with a height that matches or slightly exceeds this measurement. Make sure the width and depth of the steps are comfortable for your dog to navigate.

Are there weight limits for dog stairs?

Yes, many dog stairs have weight limits. It’s crucial to choose stairs that can support your dog’s weight. Be sure to check the product specifications for weight restrictions and select stairs that exceed your dog’s weight.

Can dog stairs be used for other pets, like cats?

Yes, dog stairs can often be used for cats as well. However, consider the size and ease of use for your cat. Some stairs are designed with smaller steps that may be more suitable for feline companions.

Are dog stairs easy to clean?

Many dog stairs come with removable and washable covers, making them easy to clean. Check the product details for information on cleaning and maintenance.

Can dog stairs be folded or stored away when not in use?

Some dog stairs are designed to be foldable or collapsible for easy storage. If space is a concern, look for stairs with this feature.


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