Top 7 best stairs for dog in 2022

best stairs for dogs

Hey! Your pet is struggling to jump up on bed due to its shorter height or its older age. so don’t worry about it we have a solution for your furry friend’s problem. In the blog article, we will review the top 7 best stairs for dogs or pets that are made up of very … Read more

10 best bandanas for dogs india 2022

Lana Paws Adjustable Tuxedo Dog Bandana

Bandanas are a great option for keeping your dog cool. Most of them are made of cotton, but some are made with waterproof material. The most effective bandanas will have a wide design and a flap, which will cover your dog’s neck. But bandanas are also important for other reasons, such as to protect your … Read more

7 best dog collar belts india 2022

dog collar belts

You might be thinking, “I don’t need a dog collar as long as I have a leash”. But you’re wrong! A dog collar provides your pet with a sense of security and protection from all the dangers that could happen when they are outside. Your furry friend deserves the best treatment possible, which includes a … Read more

7 Best Winter Jacket For Dogs India 2022

dog winter jacket

The winter season is quickly approaching, which means that it’s time to start preparing your four-legged friend for the months ahead. Due to the rapid shift in weather, our dogs are more likely to become unwell. Dogs are unable to convey their emotions. You know that they’re going to need a big coat and some … Read more

8 Best Dog Hair Trimmers India 2022 | Dog Hair Cutting Machine

dog hair cutting machine

If you are a pet lover then you know that how much grooming is important for pets along with quality food and healthcare requirements. Trimming their excessive fur is not only good for their eyes, but it’s also good for their health. It ensures that they don’t get any fungal problems below their fur, A … Read more

best dog beds in india 2022

best dog beds

Octagon Pet Bed    About this item Octagon-shaped pet bed offers a safe, cozy place for a cat or small dog to snooze Raised sides provide added warmth and support, plus a comfy headrest Plush flannel top surface for supreme softness; polyester canvas sides and bottom for strength Machine wash separately in cool water with … Read more

Raincoat For Dogs 2022 india

Raincoat For Dogs

      PetWale Reflective Raincoat For Dog   About this item Easy to wear – with buttons to secure around the legs & tail. No more lifting or arm-twisting your dogs into their rainwear! Full Chest Cover – saves your pet’s underside from mud splatter. Highly visible – The 6 reflective strips across the … Read more