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Guinea Pig price in India 2023 – Buying Guid & Care Tips

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If you’re considering adopting a cute and adorable guinea pig as your pet, we have everything you need to know about them here in this ultimate guide. We cover all the topics that are important to know when it comes to having a guinea pig, including their needs and care requirements, their personality traits, and how to deal with health problems they may encounter. Check out the topics below to learn more about them and also Guinea Pig price in India!

Guinea Pig price in India

The Guinea Pig price in India can range between Rs 400 to Rs 1200. Guinea Pig price in India depends on many things. It is not that Guinea Pig price will same across India. It depends on several factors that are mentioned below.

Guinea Pig Prices in Different Locations

Different Locations Prices

Guinea Pig price in Kerala

Rs 400 to Rs 1200

Guinea Pig price in Delhi

Rs 500 to Rs 1200

Guinea Pig price in Bangalore

Rs 500 to Rs 1200

Guinea Pig price in Jaipur

Rs 400 to Rs 1000

Guinea Pig price in Mumbai

Rs 500 to Rs 1200

Guinea Pig price in Chennai

Rs 400 to Rs 1100

Guinea Pig price in Kochi

Rs 400 to Rs 1100

Guinea Pig price in Pune

Rs 400 to Rs 1100


Various Factors that Affects The Price of Guinea Pig

1. Breed: The price of a guinea pig will depend on the breed that it is. In general, the higher the quality of the animal, the higher its price.

2. Quality: The quality of a guinea pig can vary from one animal to another, so you will have to determine what constitutes a high-quality guinea pig before making your decision.

3. Age: Guinea pigs typically live for two or three years and then die, so there will be a significant difference in price depending on how old the pet is when you purchase it.

4. Location: Location also plays a role in the price of guinea pigs because some countries produce them more cheaply than others. If you are looking to buy a guinea pig within your country, this factor won’t matter; but if you’re buying internationally, it may be worth looking at the pricing differences between countries.

5. Gender: Females tend to cost less than males as they do not produce offspring which makes them cheaper animals for breeding purposes.

Guinea Pig Personality And Behaviour

Guinea pigs are social animals and enjoy the company of other guinea pigs. With that being said, it is important for them to have a friend in order to live a happy life. Guinea pigs can become aggressive if they don’t get enough attention from their owner. They will start nipping and biting you if you stop paying attention to them.

Guinea Pig price in india

Guinea pigs need fresh hay on the ground at all times, as well as clean water in their dishes. Guinea pigs also need a way for getting out of their cage when they want some time away from it or when they want a change of scenery.

History of Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs originated in South America and are believed to be descendants of wild cavies. They were domesticated by the Incas around 2,000 years ago, who bred them as a food source and for their valuable fur.

The Spanish brought them back to Europe when they conquered Peru in 1532. Europeans bred them as pets, enjoyed their company, and found out that they could be used as animal models for medical research because of the similarities between their physiology and that of humans.

Guinea Pig Temperament

Guinea pigs are generally easy-going animals, with a calm demeanor and an even temperament. Their docile nature and cuddly size make them popular pets for children. As long as they are handled often and properly, guinea pigs should not bite their owners. Instead, they may nudge or lick your hand when they want attention.

Guinea Pig Health Issues

Health Issues A couple of health issues that can affect guinea pigs are: respiratory problems, tumors, and bladder stones. Respiratory problems are caused by viruses and bacteria, with symptoms including sneezing, nasal discharge, difficulty breathing, and coughing. Tumors can be cancerous or non-cancerous depending on the type of tumor it is.

Guinea Pig price in india

Non-cancerous tumors are usually benign and slow growing while cancerous tumors are fast-growing with an invasive nature. Bladder stones can form when the urine in the bladder becomes more concentrated than normal due to dehydration from a lack of fluids or insufficient water intake. These stones cause pain as they travel through the urinary tract system.

Guinea Pig Care Tips

1. The best bedding for guinea pigs is Carefresh or Aspen, as these provide a soft surface and are less dusty than other types of hay.

2. If you don’t have a cage, it’s important to make sure your pet has plenty of room in their home and that the flooring is non-slippery so they can get traction on the ground.

3. Be mindful of how much food you offer your pet because too much can cause obesity or constipation while too little can lead to malnutrition and thin bones.

4. Keep in mind that guinea pigs need toys, too! They love chewing and exploring new things, which makes them perfect pets if you live in an apartment.

5. When cleaning out their cage, be careful not to let wet droppings come into contact with dry ones or ammonia will start forming!

Guinea Pig Lifespan

Guinea pigs have a lifespan of 4-8 years. They are very social animals and need a lot of attention. To keep them happy, they should have at least an hour of play time outside their cage each day. They should also be fed fresh vegetables and hay, as well as a small amount of fruit or pellets per day.

Facts about Guinea Pig

– Guinea pigs are originally from South America and were domesticated by the Incas

– Guinea pigs come in a variety of colors, including white, gray, brown, black, beige, and piebald (a mixture of any two or more colors)

– Guinea pigs have sensitive hearing and should not be exposed to loud noises because they can cause pain

– Guinea pigs are very social creatures and need at least one friend in their group. They should never be housed alone. In addition, owners should provide them with hiding spots and plenty of exercises.

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FAQ – 

Are guinea pigs good pets ?

Yes, Guinea pigs are generally very well-loved animals. They’re fairly easy to take care of, and they’re really quite adorable.

Can guinea pigs survive in the wild?

Guinea pigs are herbivores who feed on plants, roots, and leaves. They have a round body shape with short legs, and they can grow to be as long as 14 inches (36 cm). 

To answer your question, Guinea pigs cannot survive in the wild because they are not equipped with the necessary survival skills such as heightened senses or speed.

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