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How To Choose A Perfect Dog Bed For Puppies

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Snuggling your furry companion on your bed is amusing, but your dog deserves his bed. An average dog sleeps 12 to 14 hours daily, so you should carefully select a dog bed for your puppy. They spend the whole day sniffling, playing, exploring, and chewing. This active lifestyle lets them demand a sanctuary to recharge themselves and relieve stress.

The dog bed should be comfortable enough for these furry pooches to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. But with the difference in breed, sizes, and sleeping styles, how to choose the right dog bed for your puppy? Here is a guide to choosing the best match for your puppy.

What to Look for in a Dog Bed?

Your pup enjoys sleeping on a carpet or floor does not mean they do not need a dog bed. Comfort is necessary for a dog bed but needs structural support to avoid injuries, calluses, and arthritis.

The more your pup grows, the more they get prone to injuries and orthopedic problems. Therefore, they need a supportive bed to facilitate their musculoskeletal system.

Moreover, you need to consider the style of your dog bed if you are a fashion-forward puppy owner. Therefore, you should consider a dog bed’s comfort level, structural support, and style before purchasing. Every dog breed has certain needs, which you should consider as a

responsible pet owner. Learn more about dog breeds and their varying needs here:

Here is a step-by-step guide to choosing the perfect dog bed for your furry friend.

Consider your Dog’s Behaviors

Your dog will show signs about the type of bed they need. If your dog exhibits anxiety and craves a bed to unwind, you should invest in a nest bed that features raised edges so that they can feel secure and protected.

If your dog loves sprawling on the bed, you should look for an open-style large pillow bed that gives comfortable sleep.

The chewing behavior of your dog also matters a lot. If your dog is a problem chewer, you should opt for a durable bed. Otherwise, your dog will rip it to shreds, and you will buy a new dog bed every year. Therefore, you should buy an elevated bed of woven material and a metal frame. Such beds are claw-proof and chew-proof.

A good dog bed has a zipper guard and zip opening to protect your floor and deter your chewy companion from messing with the zipper head.

Consider Bed Maintenance

It is nearly impossible to keep a dog bed clean, especially if your puppy breed is a heavy shredder. Therefore, you must go for a removable and washable bed cover.

Moreover, ensure the cover is machine washable, as removing a fur-coated bed cover with your hands will cost you a headache.

In your dog bed, finding stray fur, dribble, flea larvae, dirt, and water droplets is quite normal. Scrubbing this cover with the hand is very difficult, and even if you successfully remove muck and grime, getting rid of dog odor will be challenging.

Therefore, always check if the dog bed you are eyeballing can be removable and machine washable, so you can easily eliminate the smell and loose fur. That said, you can look for a non-shedding dog breed if washing a fur-ridden bed is an uphill battle for you. We Love Doodles valuable guides about dog breeders and rescues will greatly help.

Consider your Dog’s Size

It sounds too obvious, but some dog owners do not understand it. If your dog’s paws are on the floor while sleeping, what’s the point of keeping them in a dog bed?

Your dog’s sleeping bed should be spacious enough for them to lie comfortably. Moreover, small and toy dog breeds intend to snuggle in their beds. It means a bed many times larger than their size won’t let them feel secure and cozy.

That said, the size of your pooch is not always an indicator of their bed size. Many large dogs prefer curling up while covering their nose with their tail—similarly, many small breeds like to belly rub and stretch on their backs during sleep.

Avoid Sharing Dog Bed

Watching multiple pups snuggle each other on the same bed is a sight for sore eyes, but it would be best to have one bed per pup. This way, there would be no competitive behavior, and every member would relax in their sanctuary.

If you adore the puppies to snuggle each other, try investing in an additional bed that would be large enough for everyone to relax comfortably. You can consider this get-together every two to three days, but a designated bed for every pup is a must-have.

Match the Bed Style to your Home Décor

If you purchase a dog bed randomly, the first thing you would think after seeing a guest is to hide this odd bed. Your pup is a pleasing addition to your family, so its bed must also match your home aesthetics.

Your dog bed should complement the overall look of the room where it will reside. If your room is monochromatic-themed and modern, your dog bed should be equally minimal and single-toned. So, it would be a great help for modern pet owners to invest in a dog bed that matches their home décor so they won’t have to run to hide these beds in the cupboard before socializing.

Determine your Budget

We understand you can go overboard buying a dog bed as you wish your pup would get the best of everything. You might regret this shopping spree later if the price is not in your mind while purchasing.

A ready-made dog bed won’t be expensive, but you should spend your money carefully. A standard rimless dog bed with cushions and pillows will cost around $30 to $100 , the price can do as much as $150, depending on different factors, such as size, material, shape, color, etc.

Final Words

Finding the right dog bed for your puppy won’t be confusing if you follow this roadmap. Ensure the dog bed is spacious enough to sleep in any position without hitting the floor. If your dog is anxious, a walled dog bed would be best.

If you have a chewing fellow, a woven material with elevated metal frames might do the trick. Moreover, a machine washable bed cover is a must-have to remove stray furs and unpleasant odors.

Your pup is an adorable part of your family, so take care of his comfort by any means.

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