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Rabbits are common pets in many households and make wonderful additions to the family. Before adding one to your home, it’s important to consider what kind of rabbit would be right for you, as well as the color of the rabbit based on its personality and care needs. This guide will give you everything you need to know about choosing and caring for pet rabbits!

Appearance Of Rabbit

Rabbits have a lot of different colors, from the more traditional black-and-white to other colors that include brown, white, orange, tan, beige or even pink. The history of the rabbit has been in existence since ancient times.

The original color was brown but they were domesticated by humans so they became accustomed to living indoors with their owners. These days, rabbits come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them can grow up to 20 pounds while others may only weigh 1 pound.

They also vary in fur length and texture. Not only are there lots of varieties within each type, but there are also many types of rabbits altogether: Angora, English Spot, Dwarf Hotot, Chinchilla Holland Lop, American Chinchilla, French Lop Champagne D’Argent—the list goes on!

Rabbit Price In India

The rabbit price in india varies depending on where you buy them, but rabbit price in india generally cost between Rs.150 to Rs. 1500.

Rabbit price in delhi

The cost of rabbit in delhi can anywhere cost between Rs.300 to Rs. 1500.

Rabbit price in kerala

The rabbit price in kerala can cost anywhere between Rs.300 to Rs. 1500.

Rabbit price in kolkata

The rabbit price in kolkata can cost anywhere between Rs.300 to Rs. 1500.

Various Factors That Affects The Price OF Rabbits

Every bunny has a different price. One of the factors that affects price is the apperance of the rabbit. For example, a purebred bunny will cost more than one that’s not.

Another factor that affects price is age. A baby bunny will cost less than an adult one. The color or pattern of the rabbit can affect its price. For example, two rabbits with a similar appearance may have different prices because one may be marked or have white on its head.

The size and type also matter: for instance, if you’re looking for an English Spotting lop-eared dwarf bunny you’ll pay quite a bit more than if you were looking for another type of dwarf lop-eared bunny with shorter ears. Other things that can affect the price of a bunny include what it was bred for.

History of rabbit

Rabbits are originally from Europe, but were first domesticated in France in the 1500s. They were used as a source of food during the 18th century, when they were also bred with other animals such as ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, dogs, and cats. Since then, rabbits have become popular pets worldwide due to their gentle nature.

There are many different breeds of rabbit available which vary by type and color. Domestic white rabbits tend to be smaller than wild rabbits because they were bred to make them easier to handle. Holland Lops are one of the most popular types of pet bunny because they’re very easy going and often enjoy being held and stroked.

Rabbit Care Tips

Rabbits are a high maintenance pet, but also an incredibly rewarding one. It is important that you do your research before adopting a rabbit so you know what to expect. Here are six tips for caring for your new pet:

  1. Give them lots of attention they need companionship just like people do. Rabbis are social animals, but they also need privacy. They will be happiest if you give them a space where they can go when they want some alone time.
  2. Use appropriate food- Feeding hay and pellets, as well as fresh vegetables will help keep their digestive system healthy. If the rabbit has dental issues, it is best to feed hay only because the hard pellets can cause dental disease in rabbits with malocclusion (teeth not lined up).
  3.  Be careful when litter training- We recommend using two litter boxes; one for pee and poop and another for the food/water bowls. The bunny’s bedding should also be changed on a regular basis.
  4. Know what size cage or pen you need- Adult rabbits should have at least 1 foot by 1 foot of floor space inside their enclosure. Larger ones may require more room than this, especially if there are other bunnies sharing the space.
  5.  Consider getting more than one bunny- Two or three young bunnies from different litters can grow up together and develop strong bonds that last for life.

Facts about Rabbits

Rabbits are adorable creatures, but it can be hard to figure out which type of rabbit best suits your needs. Here are eight facts about rabbits that might help you decide what type of rabbit will be the perfect addition to your family.
1) The Dutch breed is a long-haired breed with a shorter undercoat, making it easier to groom.
2) White rabbits tend not to get as dirty as other breeds.
3) English Angoras have a dense coat and soft fur, making them ideal pets for children who like cuddling with their pet.
4) Holland Lops have ears that hang down by their face; they’re one of the more popular breeds among rabbit owners because they’re both calm and easily trained.
5) Flemish Giants are heavy breeds weighing up to 15 pounds; they may not be a good choice if you live in an apartment or small home.
6) Mini Lops have the same look as lop eared rabbits, but they’re smaller and weigh around 5 pounds on average. 7) Dwarf Hotots have short legs, stocky bodies and short tails;
8) Netherland Dwarfs grow up to 9 pounds on average and live up to 10 years old.


How Many Teeth Do Rabbits Have

All rabbits have the same number of teeth: two upper incisors, one upper canine, two lower incisors, one lower canine. If you look closely at a rabbit’s mouth, you will see that the teeth are different shapes: the incisors are chisel-shaped, while the canines are pointed. The teeth also differ in size: Incisors make up about three quarters of a rabbit’s total tooth length.

Do Rabbits Make Good Pets?

Rabbits make great pets because they are social, easy to care for, relatively inexpensive, and very intelligent.

They recognize them by voice and sight and will even come on command.


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