A rare and unusual snake found in sub-Saharan Africa that lacks the normal pigmentation and appears almost white.

Axanthic ball python (Hindi: एक्सांथिक बॉल पाइथन)

A flightless parrot found only in New Zealand that is critically endangered.

Kakapo (Hindi: काकापो, Kākāpo)

 A small marsupial found in Western Australia that feeds almost exclusively on termites.

Numbat (Hindi: नंबत, Naṃbat)

 A small rodent found in desert regions of Asia and Africa that is known for its long hind legs used for hopping.

Jerboa (Hindi: जरबोआ, Jarboā)

A small mammal found in Central and South America that is known for its long, ringed tail.

Coati (Hindi: कोआटी, Koāṭī)

An antelope found in Central Asia that has a distinctive nose used for filtering out dust and warming cold air.

Saiga antelope (Hindi: साइगा एंटीलोप)

A lemur found only in Madagascar that has a unique long middle finger used for extracting insects from tree bark.

Aye-aye (Hindi: आय आय, Āy āy)

A small marsupial found in Western Australia that is known for its friendly and approachable nature.

Quokka (Hindi: क्वोका, Kvokā) 

A giraffe-like mammal with zebra-like stripes found in the Congo region of Africa.

Okapi (Hindi: ओकापी, Okāpī)

 A type of salamander found in Mexico that has the ability to regenerate lost limbs.

Axolotl (Hindi: एक्सोलोटल, Ekxolotl)

A unique mammal covered in scales that is found in Africa and Asia. They are known for their ability to curl up into a ball to protect themselves from predators.

Pangolin (Hindi: शलभखोरा, Shalabhkhorā)

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