Daylight saving time ends tonight

As daylight saving time ends this weekend, the majority of the nation will enjoy an hour of more sleep this time of year.

 Time will go back one hour in 48 states on Sunday, Nov. 11, at 2 a.m., bringing earlier nightfall.

Arizona and Hawaii are the only two states unaffected by this time zone change.

In an effort to conserve fuel during World War I, daylight saving time was introduced in 1918.

When Arizona's state legislature decided not to participate in the Uniform Time Act, which aimed to standardise time zones

the state no longer observed daylight saving time. Arizona already receives plenty of sunlight all year round. 

 The Navajo Nation still adheres to the idea of daylight saving time and makes the necessary adjustments even though much of Arizona doesn't.

The Navajo Nation nevertheless adheres to daylight saving time and changes its clocks twice a year since..

some of its territory extends into New Mexico and Utah, even if rest of Arizona doesn't.

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