This breed is known for its intimidating size, standing up to 32 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing as much as 175 pounds.

Great Dane

Siberian huskies earn their place by being highly energetic with outstanding physical endurance, able to pull heavily weighted sleds through deep snow for hours.

Siberian Husky

Like the Cane Corso, the German Shepherd is large, muscular, intelligent, noble, and strong. This breed, one that originated in Germany as its name implies

German Shepherd

The Cane Corso is a dog breed often described not just as strong, but majestic. This powerful canine was first bred for its loyalty and protective instincts in ancient Roman times.

Cane Corso

The pit bull terrier was originally bred from a cross of Bulldogs with Terriers. The resulting newer breed is pound for pound the most powerful biter on this list.

Pit Bull

With a name sounding close to “massive” and a body size matching that term, the Mastiff is top of the list among the world’s strongest dogs.


First recognized as a unique breed by the AKC in 1936, the Rottweiler stands up to 27 inches at as much as 135 pounds. This is certainly not the biggest dog on this list.


The tallest of all dogs registered by the AKC is the 36 inch, 180 pound Irish Wolfhound. At first glance, these pups do not look like they rank among the strongest dog breeds in the world

Irish Wolfhound

the Saint Bernard  a true lifesaver able to endure extremely cold temperatures to find lost explorers and even warm rescued victims with their body heat.

Saint Bernard

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