Red Wolf

Wolves are the largest members of the dog family. Wolves can roam large and long distances, sometimes up to 12 miles (20 kilometers) in a single day

Gray Wolf

Wolves in the extreme north have white coats, while wolves in more southern areas have the iconic gray coat or coats in shades of brown or black. Most wolves have a mix of colors in their coat.

Red Fox

This fox can have a classically red coat, but its coat can also be shades of silver and rust. Its tail is wonderfully bushy, with its fur tipped with white.

Maned Wolf

Found in central and eastern countries of South America, this wild dog is known for its disproportionately long legs and the dark mane on the back of its neck.

Arctic Fox

The pure white coat helps the fox disappear in the snowy landscape, while the gray blends in with the grayish hills and plains


Jackals belong to the Canis family and are closely related to dogs. They look like wolves but lack the courage that is associated with wolves, and are compared with hyenas.


When they hunt in packs, dholes behave very much like hyenas, with the prey being disemboweled and eaten while it’s still alive.


The coyote population is flourishing despite making enemies of humans for its tendency to prey on livestock. They can be found anywhere in North America and have spread down to eastern Panama.


They are carnivores nut are known to eat fruits, nuts and grains as well. Dingos are highly intelligent and possess the ability to solve problems and create plans.

African Wild Dog

 It hunts during the day, and its main prey is antelopes. Because the packs are so large, the prey can be chased until it drops from exhaustion.