Red wolves find a mate and live their entire lives with them. Their offspring, which can have up to eight different members, becomes their pack.

The grey wolf develops to a maximum length of 5 feet, stands approximately 2.8 feet tall, and weighs up to 180 pounds.The red wolf, however, is considerably smaller.

Red wolves sadly only have a six- to seven-year lifespan in the wild. However, they live significantly longer in captivity. In captivity, red wolves can live up to 15 years.

The total number of red wolves is little over 250 when you add them all together. 

It's thought that they once roamed as far north as Pennsylvania, almost to the Great Lakes, and as far south as the southeast corner of Texas, where the Atlantic Ocean is.

For the past three years, the programme has identified 20 or fewer red wolves, and very few, if any, pups have been produced in the wild during this time.

The genetics of red wolves indicate that they are connected to coyotes and grey wolves. They resemble grey wolves less than coyotes, maybe.

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