Exotic birds called macaws live in South American rainforests. They are a member of the Psittacidae bird family, one of the three varieties of real parrots.

Scarlet macaw.

The Bengal tiger is without a doubt one of the most well-liked creatures on the planet. They are seen as a representation of majesty and power.

White Bengal tiger

It is based on the observation that newborn cygnet swans have darker down feathers than their adult counterparts, who have dazzling white down.

Mute swan

The male peafowl, known as a peacock, is one of the most blatantly sexually dimorphic animals we have ever encountered.

White peacock

Dolphins have long been loved by humans, who have long relished their company. Dolphins stand for happiness, freedom, and spontaneity in such a structured environment.


It appears to have an internal light because of its electric look, which causes it to shine. One of the aquatic critters that underwater photographers look for the most is this fish.


Chameleons alter their colour to blend in with their surroundings or to impress possible mates. With more than 170 different species types


The majestic and graceful Friesian horse is a magnificent animal. These magnificent animals, which are all one hue, transport you to fantastic and unconquerable lands in our minds.

Fresian horse

Siberian Husky are graceful animals with white and grey coats and piercing blue eyes that never fail to attract our attention.

Siberian Husky

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