Even though it has barely existed as a species for 20 years, the Crowntail betta fish has gained fame for its colourful tail fin. It is a little freshwater fighter fish that originated in South Asia.

Red crowntail Betta fish

The discus fish is another name for the native fish of the Amazon river basin in South America, Symphysodon. They are of the Cichlidae family.

Discus fish

Small marine bony fish known as the Banggai cardinalfish is unique to Indonesia's Banggai Archipelago.In aquarium culture, it is particularly well-liked.

Banngai cardinal fish

Reef Builders

One of the ocean's most exquisite and attractive species is the mandarinfish. It is indigenous to the Pacific Ocean, from the Ryukyu Islands in the north to Australia in the south.


Animal Spot

The freshwater angelfish, which is native to tropical South America and includes a large portion of the Amazon River system, is likely the most well-known fish in the aquarium hobby.

Freshwater angel fish

The sea goldie is a small tropical fish that can be found in the western Indian Ocean, including the Red Sea, and the Pacific Ocean as far east as Japan and southeast Australia.

Sea goldie

Brightly coloured fish known as clown triggerfish are also known as foraging predators. They are widely dispersed throughout the Indian Ocean's tropical and subtropical waters.

Clown triggerfish

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