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What Foods Cats Can Eat? Surprising Food for your feline friend

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Cats are lovely pets to keep in homes. But the species originated in the wild and hunts other animals for survival. They are not used to the domestic foods that we humans consume. Their bodies do not adjust easily to human foods. Therefore, it is essential to know what foods you should offer your cat and what you should avoid.

While it’s essential to stick to their usual cat food for most of their diet, there are some surprising treats that your feline buddy can enjoy. Let us research some unexpected food options to add an extra excitement to your cat’s routine.

10 Best Food Options For Cats

1. Chicken, Chicken, and More Chicken!

One word: chicken. Cats seem to have an eternal love affair with this poultry delight. You can offer small bits of plain, cooked chicken as a special treat. It’s not just delicious for cats; it’s also a good source of lean protein that helps keep them in a perfect shape.

Cats also enjoy eating raw or uncooked chicken. So you can offer them raw chicken too. Just make sure it’s cut into tiny pieces, boneless and free from any seasoning or sauce as cats don’t like species like humans.

2. Fish

Cats have a reputation for being fish enthusiasts, and it’s not just a stereotype! Many cats like to eat fish, and it adds lean protein and lots of nutrients to their diet. Salmon and tuna are great choices. You can serve it cooked or canned in water, and it’ll make your cat purr with delight.

But remember, moderation is the key to good digestion in cats. Too much fish can upset your cat’s digestion. SO make sure you don’t feed her with a large amount of cooked or uncooked fish..

3. Eggs-traordinary Treats

Eggs can be a fun and surprising treat for your feline friend. Scramble up some eggs without any oil, butter, or seasoning, and offer a small amount as an occasional treat. It’s a protein-packed snack that your cat might find eggs-traordinary! Plus, watching them chase that elusive piece of egg around the plate can be quite the entertainment.

4. A Slice of Cheese

Ever heard of a cat who doesn’t like cheese? Neither have I! Cats can enjoy a tiny amount of cheese now and then. Just make sure it’s plain and low in lactose, as some cats can be a bit lactose intolerant. A cheesy reward can turn your cat into a little mouse hunter, ready to pounce on anything that moves.Slice of Cheese

5. Carrots for Crunch

Believe it or not, some cats enjoy the occasional crunch of a carrot! Cut the carrots into tiny pieces, that makes it easy for your cat to chew and digest. Low calorie, and high fibre content makes carrots a perfect meal for overweight cats. In addition cats are also rich in vitamin A and many other vitamins that help maintain the overall health of your cat.

6. The Great Pumpkin

Pumpkin isn’t just for Halloween; it’s also a surprising treat for your feline friend. Plain, cooked pumpkin can be a fantastic source of fibre, aiding in digestion. If you want to offer the complete benefit of all the vitamins and minerals present in the fruit, feed it raw to your cat.

All you need is to peel it off and cut the pumpkin into small slices and your cat will like it every time you feed. With a good amount of fibre, it improves digestion in cats. It can even help with hairballs. Just a spoonful now and then can have your cat meowing for more and keeping those furballs at bay.

7. Delicious Deli Meat

Deli meats are the cooked meats sliced and prepared to use in sandwiches and other foods. People refer to deli meats with different names such as sandwich meat, cold cuts, sliced meats and lunch meat.

Cats are carnivorous by nature, and deli meat can be a perfect meal to satisfy those cravings. Opt for lean, unseasoned varieties like turkey or roast beef. Cut it into tiny pieces and watch your cat’s eyes light up with joy. It’s like a mini sandwich party for your furry pal!

8. Rice

If your cat has a sensitive stomach or is recovering from an upset tummy, plain white rice can be a gentle and surprising option. It’s bland and easy to digest, providing a bit of relief when your cat isn’t feeling their best. Just ensure it’s cooked thoroughly and offered in moderation.

9. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes might be a surprising choice, but some cats do enjoy them. Bake or boil a sweet potato, and once it’s cooled, you can offer a small, mashed amount as a treat. Sweet potatoes are not only delicious, but also contain plenty of beneficial vitamins and minerals for your cat’s health. Also, sweet potatoes are best for cats allergic to grains like wheat, rice and corn. Every cat owner should know the pros and cons of grain diet for cats.

Cats who are allergic to grain diet, should be fed with other options like deli meat, sweet potatoes and vegetables. Pet owners can also try grain free formulas specially prepared for such cats.

10. A Touch of Yogurt

Yogurt, specifically plain, unsweetened Yogurt, can be a surprising source of probiotics for your cat. It’s good for their gut health and can help with digestion. Just be cautious if your cat is lactose intolerant, as dairy products might not sit well with them.

Remember, while these surprising treats can add some fun to your cat’s diet, they should remain just that – treats. The bulk of your cat’s nutrition should come from their regular cat food.

It is always wise to consult with your vet before introducing a new food in your cat’s diet. Your vet can analyse the nutrient content and calories in that food and offer you the right advice whether or not to go with it.

Summing Up

Feeding your cat can be an adventure filled with unexpected food choices. From chicken and fish to eggs and cheese, there’s a world of exciting treats for your feline friend to explore. Just remember to keep it in moderation and consult with your vet to ensure your cat’s diet remains balanced and healthy.

So go ahead, surprise your furry companion with a new culinary experience, and watch them purr with delight! After all, a happy cat is a happy life, and a well-fed cat is a content one.


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